Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arkansas vaca part two

On Sunday we arrived in South Arkansas and went straight to a shower Mom was hosting. We met some people at church and then Mamaw and I left to go to her house so we could meet Crystal. It was so nice to be at Mamaw's house. Where I probably used to think it was boring, I now find it comforting. She lives in this tiny little town that holds a church, post office and little gas station (that currently has no gas...haha). I am related to the majority of the population in ths little town, so we had a lot of people to see! There are so many that I usually know their names but don't really know exactly how we are related.
Mamaw and Connor on her front porch
Crystal and Chloe. Chloe wanted to carry Connor around with her. Ha. Sweet girl has too much to do than to sit still and hold a baby!

Monday afternoon Mamaw and I got ready and took Connor to be introduced to some kinfolk. He was a little fussy because he was sleepy, which makes me so sad because he is such a happy baby! We left from there to go to Mom's work and go shopping. We went into this little children's boutique that Mom always shops in and they knew her name! haha. Been there often, Mom? For supper we got Mazzio's cheesesticks. We don't have a Mazzio's here and their cheesesticks are better than any I have tried.

I took this picture Monday morning and sent it to Matt at work. Yes, I know how to spell Daddy, just ran out of d's :)

Mamaw reading him a book. He didn't get any attention while he was there ;)

Tuesday we went to visit some more relatives that morning and came back home for his nap. He slept the entire time! I even had to wake him up to eat! Tuesday night my Aunt Dot brought over the most fabulous dessert. It was pizzelle's, strawberries, ice cream and HOMEADE CHOCOLATE SAUCE (for those of you who know about The Bulldog's straberry shortcake: This was better.. MUCH MUCH better!). I seriously could have poured the sauce in a cup and drank it. I asked her the recipe and she started off by saying "Well, about a palmful of cocoa", and I stopped her right there. I can't cook like that! I so wish I could and I might try for that sauce!

Aunt Dot, the maker of the pizzelle's and chocolate sauce. Sorry I cut you out Mom!

Oh, just seeing that sauce makes me want to get in the car and drive the 10 hours to get some!

Close up of the pizzelle's. Basically it is a waffle cone that isn't rolled up. I think they are much better though, because they are sweeter.

They took me to Little Rock Wednesday to meet dad, but not before we finished up our shopping trip :) It has been a long time since I have been able to shop with Mom and we had so much fun. She is good about making me buy things, because I am good about talking myself out of it! I bought 4 pairs of shoes, 5 dresses and 6 shirts!!! I really needed it because I can't quite fit into all those size 2 dresses hanging in my closet!

I had so much fun in South Arkansas and really look forward to going back! Part three next!

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