Monday, June 14, 2010

1st trip to Arkansas part one

Connor and I made our first trip down to Arkansas last week and we had so much fun! Last Friday Matt, Connor and I left around 4 to go to Little Rock. I decided to pump in the car and we would stop to feed him a bottle and we would eat then too. That worked out perfectly and didn't take as long as it would have to nurse. He did so great in the car. There was really only a 30 minute period that he fussed and I really think it was just because he was tired and wanted to sleep, but didn't quite understand why he wasn't in his bed! All it took was me climbing in the back and singing to him and he was out like a light. We got to Little Rock around 10:15 and he let MiMi hold him while we set his bed up. He ate and immediately went to sleep. What an angel!
Saturday morning we got ready to go shopping! My mom took me on a shopping spree for my birthday and we had SO much fun! Connor was, once again, an absolute doll and just smiled and laughed at me the whole time I was trying on clothes. He took his nap in his stroller and was OUT. In fact it made me nervous that he was not flinching at any of the noise! I checked under his nose to make sure I could still feel him breathing. He didn't like that I did that. ha. He gave me a frown and went back to sleep.

After shopping mom dropped me off at Lana's house so that we could visit with some friends. He got to meet Bear, one of Lana's labs, and I think they became fast friends. Bear licked his foot, Connor smiled and the friendship blossomed :) He also got to see Carrie, the Scotts, and Amanda. He tried to get a little fussy, so I took off his clothes because he was a little clammy and that made him happy.

Carrie and Hunter Scott with Connor. They look pretty good with a baby, don't you think? ;)

Connor and Amanda. So glad we got to see you!!!

Connor and Carrie. So glad I got to see you too!

Afterwards we took him back to MiMi so that she and Aunt Cheryl could babysit him. I pumped two bottles so that we could spend some more time with our friends and not hurry home. We went over to Carrie and Hunter's house and had a fish fry. It was SO good. Hunter did an amazing job! We had such a good time getting to be with our Arkansas friends and are always sad when we leave them.

Speaking of sad. When Matt left Sunday morning I struggled! I didn't think I was going to cry, but I cried a lot! I haven't been away from him for more than a couple of days while we have been married and it was hard to see him go. He called 4 times Sunday to check on us. I am so blessed with a husband that I know is going to miss us being around instead of seeing it as "free time". That afternoon mom, Connor and I left for South Arkansas for a few days... which I am going to dedicate as Part Two :)


Lana Summitt said...

Yes- Carrie and Hunter look good as parents.

Two- I was so glad to see you! Love you love you!

Katie's Journey said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful trip!


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