Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arkansas vaca.. The End

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of our trip was spent at Dad's house. Thursday morning I made a trip to Midnight Oil, a cute little coffee shop, to get a Mr. Blonde. It is really just a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, but I think it is much better! I love the atmosphere there also. It is an old house full of small tables and couches. So cute. It is the closest thing to a Central Perk that I have ever seen.

This isn't the greatest picture because I parked across the street and took it in about 10 seconds. I was so nervous they would see me and think I was crazy! ha Anyway, isn't it cute?!

Remember how I told you he loves TV? I had to take this to prove it.

Craning his neck to watch Rachel Ray!

Thursday afternoon I got my hair done at the salon I worked at in college. I took Connor with me and was a little nervous, but he did great! He just sat in his carseat the whole time and either slept or smiled. He knew his momma DESPERATELY needed my hair did! :)

I just thought this picture was so cute. Watching baseball with his Papaw!

My dad and his goatee! I actually liked it. He says it was scratchy, so he shaved it... I just think it is because it was gray and made him look a little older ;)

Friday I took Connor to visit with Dad's office. He's not a proud Papaw at all ;). That night we ordered pizza from my favorite pizza joint, Pizza Pro. It took me back to the days of freshman year when Kayla and I would order the $5 medium pizza on Friday nights. Just one of the reasons I gained about 20 lbs that year! ha.

Saturday night we had a fish fry and invited a few people over to meet Connor. I just love fried fish. I could eat it once a week and not get tired of it! Dad was so funny about Connor crying. Everytime he would make a few noises while napping dad would say "Uh Oh". Cracked me up. One night Connor decided to throw a fit of all fits while I was getting him ready for bed and Dad just knew something was wrong with him. He didn't know he could cry like that! While he really is a very happy baby, the boy knows how to let out some screams!

He took us to Marion Sunday morning to meet up with Matt. I was SO excited to see my hubster again! I'm not even sure the car was in park before I jumped out of it and ran to meet Matt. Connor was pretty excited too :) I put him in a cute little outfit that said I Love Daddy, so Matt would know we were excited about our reunion. Connor was an angel the entire way home, only getting upset once, and that was only because he was fighting sleep. I was driving, so I had to sing Near The Cross very loudly so he would fall asleep. He was out in 30 seconds. It's so funny how that song works!

Look at those toes!

Our little family reunited!

This daddy was SO happy to see his little man and I think the feeling was mutual! :)

I loved being around my family for a whole week and love my husband for letting us go!

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