Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pretty good combination if you ask me

Connor is really starting to get a little personality and it is really giving me a glimpse into my future! I really think he is the perfect combination of Matt and I. I had so hoped that he would have Matt's laid back personality, but I think he got his charm instead. This sweet thing knows how to win some people over. He will look you right in the eye while you are talking to him and waits until the perfect time and gives you the biggest smile. It's like a weapon, that smile. This past week he has started sleeping until 4 or 4:45. I always try to see if I can soothe him by giving him his paci first instead of just automatically feeding him. Well, one night he took it and automatically quit crying. He sucked on it for two seconds, spit it out and smiled right at me. I never knew a smile would make me feel like I was going to melt on the spot. So, since he got his charm from his daddy, what did he get from me? That would be the drama. This child is D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C. As big as he can smile, he can also frown just as big. I really want to try to capture that thing on film, because I have never seen someone use their entire face to frown. (Do I even have to say that I think it is the cutest frown EVER? Probably not ;) ) Yesterday I apparently wasn't feeding him fast enough, because it was like a light switch turned on and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. Once I started feeding him, he decided instead of eating he wanted to continue letting me know how he felt. It was like this: WAAA, suck suck suck, WAAA, suck suck suck, WAAA. I was cracking up. I can only imagine what is going to come out of this child's mouth!

He is getting better with his neck control, so I thought I'd put him in his Bumbo seat to see what he thought.

HA! Look at that face! I don't think he knew what to think at first.

But I think he ended up being a little indifferent? He is like, "Yeah, so what? I could have done this weeks ago." :)

Speaking of drama... gotta go! My boss is calling :)

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auntnett said...

i got the most beautiful birth announcement today & i just don't see how that baby could be any more perfect! if i don't see him soon i don't know what i'm gonna do..., :) i love reading your blog & all your mommy adventures & i know Connor is a blessed baby too to have you & Matt for parents. love to all, nett


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