Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So thankful!

I celebrated my 31st week of pregnancy by having my very first baby shower! It was perfect and I am soooooo thankful to my friends and family for making it so special. Connor is celebrating this week by gaining more weight (around 4 lbs now!) and his skin is becoming opaque. Though weeks away, he is starting to look more and more like a newborn. He is supposed to have settled into the head-down, bottoms-up position, so this is the one time that I hope he IS following the crowd!
The shower decor was adorable. It made everything seem so much more real. Yes, you would think that having the little man rolling, elbowing, kicking, head butting me would make it real, but it still isn't! UNTIL you start opening all of these tiny little outfits and toys and carseats and monitors! Connor sure is loved! I just can't wait to take him back and introduce him to everyone!

The entryway to Crystal's house with the cute banner and diaper wreath. Val, I am still amazed at the creativeness!
The sign in table with envelopes for people to put their addresses. This is a great idea because it makes it SOOOO easy on the person receiving the shower. Aren't those cookie cutters to die for? Lana knew my current obsession with cookie cutters and I didn't have any baby related ones for showers. Now I know what I will be taking to the upcoming shower I am hosting!!! (There was a carraige, little t shirt, bear and rocking horse)

If I could have the food on this table everyday, I would. There was a veggie pizza (which I will be making and putting it on here, of course!), an amazing cheese ball ( I never did find out who made that.. if you are reading this I NEED that recipe!), those cute little one bite wraps, brownie bites, petit fours (makes me swoon thinking about them), coffee punch (decaf of course ;) ), and a white grape juice concoction (once again.. need the recipe!).
AGH! I have a SERIOUS weakness for these! If you have never had petit fours before, you MUST try them!

The group of amazing friends that I gained while at HU (that live in LR). I am so glad I had this weekend to spend with them. I laughed so much I cried numerous times.. nothing like it! Now if they would just all move to Nashville....

Crystal (my cousin) and I. She is more like a sister to me and I love her dearly!

Aunt Cheryl and I. We always joke about how alike we are. Stubborn, strong willed, walk on our heels so hard you can hear us coming a mile away.

MiMi and I. Don't we look alike? I am glad because she is a beautiful MiMi!

Thank you to Crystal, Valerie, Lana and (Carrie)2 for a beautiful and so sweet shower! I love you all!


Candice Pair said...

Great pictures! Arent showers so much fun? And yes, you look just like your MiMi! Yall are both beautiful!

Susan said...

Oh my, how precious! What a beautiful shower and what wonderful family and friends:) You look so cute! I love the bow around your waist, too cute:) Have a great day!

Ashley @ Ramirez Family said...

Looks like a nice shower...and those petite fours looks delicious!! =)~

You are looking great as you are approaching the end. Hope you are feeling great!!

Lana Summitt said...

Kel! Val made all of the food and Crystal made the punch! Love you

Jen said...

Your shower was GORGEOUS! You look fab! I wish I could have looked as put together when I was preggers! So excited for you!


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