Friday, October 9, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Favorite Team

I LOVE the Hogs. I grew up in a household where my mom doesn't understand a lick of football and my dad is a HUGE Ole Miss fan. How did I become an Arkansas fan you ask? Well I have to admit it probably rooted from my absolute orneryness (yes, mom, I am admitting it!) to go against my dad! That, and I grew up in Arkansas! HELLO! My two brothers are also Ole Miss fans, so the big game for me each year is the Arkansas vs Ole Miss game. SO much fun.. especially when I am the lone winner in the group!

One of my favorite shirts. It is a XL, so I'm sure someone gave it to my dad as a joke. I still wear it all the time. I have actually been looking all over the internet for something like it since this one is on its last days :)

One of the more recent games I attended with my brother. They hate it that I call the Hogs!

The good thing about growing up in a divided household was that it prepared me for my marriage. My lovely husband is a HUGE Tennessee fan. Unfortunately, we only play Tennessee every 2 years. I love when we go against each other! My absolute favorite was the fall of 2006 when we STOMPED on them! We were at a sports bar and grill watching the game and I was the only Arkansas fan in the whole restaurant proudly calling the Hogs and decked out in my gear. Everyone kept coming up to me asking me how old Darren McFadden was, hoping he was a senior..haha. Then came the game in 07. We actually went to that game and that one was not as much fun :(.
The tag I have for the front of my car. I love having it because Arkansas fans honk at me all the time!

The AR-UT game we went to in 07. Representing our teams with our morning cup of joe thanks to Lana!

I still loved him after the game even though Houston called a terrible game and we lost :(

Some of my favorite things about the actual games are:
-Calling the Hogs
-Our Fight Song. I love our fight song!
-Saying "And that's an Arkansas Razorback FIRST DOWN!"

Besides my family, being in "Hog Country" is the thing I miss the most about Arkansas. I love Arkansas fans. How we always think we are the best. How all the businesses around the state proudly support our Hogs. I have always said we are the best fans, and I still think that!


Angela Holland said...

I'm a Razorback fan all the also!! :)

nanny said...

What a great post! I love your license plate....
Go Hogs!

Lora said...

My boyfriend is a HUGE Vols fan.
I really don't care that much about college football, so I've been known to don some orange as well ;)

Now the NFL on the other hand...

Visiting you today--have a good one!


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