Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kegley Family Pics

About 2 months ago we had April's best friend, Libby Barker, take pictures of the Kegley's (Matt's dad's side). Libby is a senior in college and has a great career ahead of her! She does amazing work and is so fun because she is so young (a whole 4 years younger than me!haha) I was 11 weeks pregnant in these pictures and had not seen daylight in 5 weeks due to all-day sickness, so I was extremely pale :( There were a ton of great pictures, but I just picked a few to add. If you live in the Nashville area and need a good photographer, let me know!

I loved this barn!

This was in downtown Franklin. I had never been and I am SOO glad I live 1 hr away because I could do some serious damage there!

Matt and I had Libby take some fall pictures of us last year and I decided then that was going to be a tradition. I love fall and thought I would enjoy taking the pictures around our anniversary every year anyway. Last year we just took some in our backyard, but this year we are going to a park in Nashville and I am so excited. We should be getting them done in the next few weeks, so I can't wait to see how they turn out!

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Candice Pair said...

Great pics! Im going to Franklin in December for their "Dickens of a Village" thing they do and I am SOOO excited!


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