Thursday, September 17, 2009

Opening weekend of football

What a great opening weekend of football we had. Granted, it would have been better had Tennessee won, but it was nice to get to hang out with Rachael and KJ and enjoy the football spirit. It was a little hotter than we had expected, but there was still a nice breeze going on. I made sure and packed a lot of snacks so that I wouldn't get sick, but I still ended up feeling very weak by the time the 2nd half started. I think I actually ate enough for a regular day, but I wasn't taking into account the amount of walking I would be doing as well as the heat! Matt thinks it was just because the baby got so excited to be at their first Tennessee game that they had a quick growth spurt which made me weak. haha. This poor child doesn't have an option but to love UT. I keep telling him that they might WANT to be an Arkansas fan ;)

Being a good wife and wearing my Tennesse shirt. He was a little upset it wasn't orange, but I resolved that issue by asking him what color his Arkansas shirt was!

Rach and KJ

Good friends, good times!

I just love the atmosphere and the band is a big part of that.

Have you ever seen so many people wearing that hideous color at one time?! ha

Only in the south! Love it :)

Waiting for the coaches and players to walk by in the Vol Walk

The bus holding the prized players and coaches

I had to video the tradition of shaking the bus. I thought it was going to tip over! I guess the Tennessee fans were thinking they would make the players throw up before playing??? JKJK, it was fun to watch :)

This picutre is for Dad and Lance. This is Coach O, who used to be at Ole Miss

The new screen at the stadium. This is right before they ran through the "T". You can't tell, but they were jumping around getting pumped up.

The famous "T" that is formed by members of the band

Smokey! I love him. They run him up the end zone everytime they score and it makes me so happy!
This was at the end of the game, when Tennessee was losing. Don't you love the headphone?! If I weren't carrying his child, I probably would have gotten in more trouble for taking this picture. I tend to get away with a lot right now :).

Every year Matt and I play some sort of fantasy football. In the past I have just played in a Pick Em league, which is where you pick who is going to win each game along with how confident you are in that pick. Fantasy leagues are when you play against other people's team (for example, in two weeks I will play against Matt!) Last week we had a draft where everyone picked players to be on their team. Everyone has a quaterback, 3 wide receivers, 2 running backs, tight end, kicker and a defense. You get points for the different things each player accomplishes (yards ran, touchdowns scored, etc). So if at the end of the weekend my players score more points than the players on my opponents team, then I will win (duh!). What makes this so fun is because instead of watching just one game it makes you want to watch all of them! Yes, Mom, I do enjoy this! haha. When talking about what we wanted to eat for lunch we decided that nothing could go better with football than chili!

Rachael Ray's Mannie's Manly Chili. SOOOOO good!

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Brandon said...

Wow, you are awesome for going to an SEC game! We went to the Tennessee vs. Florida game last year in Knoxville. It was fun, but it was HOT!!!

Just because your a football fan, you're the mostest awesomest person today! Oh, and congrats on the "little one"!


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