Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oranges and dates

This week our baby is the size of a naval orange or a softball. Whichever is easier for you to visualize :). He/She is able to suck their thumb this week, which makes me so excited! They are also covered with languo (sp??) hair and Matt said that he had no doubt our kid is covered in it... haha. I did marry an exteremely hairy man! The crown to rump length is 4 4 1/2 inches, which is an inch longer than last week! I absolutely cannot wait for week 20. Not only do we get to find out if we are having a Connor or Emma, but I also get to see this precious baby again! Pregnancy really does teach you patience.. I will give it that!

Getting a little more round at 15 weeks :)

After taking about 10 pictures of me, Matt decided he wanted one of himself!

A few months ago Matt's co worker gave him a gift certificate to a movie theater for and we just now decided to use it. I was soooo excited to go on a date, so Matt let me pick the movie. It was either between Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D. After little debate, we chose to go to

and it was so good! I enjoyed sitting around the little kids just as much I did watching the movie. They were hilarious with the 3D effects. They were oohing and ahhing. Matt was right along with them too! haha. I had a great time and loved getting to spend that time with Matt.

With all that said, I just have one thing left to say.......................................................




Show those "dawgs" what football is all about!

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Susan Ferguson said...

You two are a mess. I so love this blog!! I still can't believe my baby is having a baby!!! I had another dream...we were in the delivery room and "she" was beautiful! Her skin was like ivory and she looked exactly like Kelli. I said "oh Kelli, she doesn't have Matt's eyes but she is still so beautiful." Man these dreams are real. At least in this dream there was only one baby-ha!

Re football: You didn't tell the name of your fantasy team "Matt's Baby Momma" and his is "I'm the Pappy."


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