Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kelly's Korner Show us Your Life-Favorite Vacation Spots

Before I talk about my favorite vacation spots, I have a picture to add to my reception pictures. My mom was absolutely distraught that I didn't add this the first time and I promised her I would add it now :) On the Tuesday night before my wedding I heard my mom on the phone at 11 p.m. I thought, "Who in the world is she talking to at this time of night?" I ask her and she responds, acting like it is no big deal, that she is talking to the guy that owns the carriages. I KNOW (in my best Monica from Friends voice), she is crazy ;) I will say.. that woman gets what she wants and I am glad because I LOVED the carriage :). This is actually before the wedding, but I wanted to give the full effect with that beautiful horse.

Aftewards. I was officially Kelli Kegley by then and SOOO happy to be!

OK! Now on to vacation spots. Growing up I loved going to Destin, Florida. I don't have any pictures, so I will just highlight a few of my favorite moments.

*Eating seafood*Eating frog legs (is that classified as seafood??)*Riding on the skycoaster-Trent and Will making Lance lick a battery at the ripe age of 6/7*watching Finding Bobby Fischer and hating it*Did I mention eating seafood??*

Of course, our honeymoon to El Dorado Royale was amazing. We can't wait to go back. Amazing food, amazing service, amazing beach, amazing pools, amazing rooms... am I forgetting anything?

My delicious lamb chops with sweet potato souffle (which wasn't MY sweet potatoes.. meaning loaded with butter, cinnamon and sugar)

From our favorite lunch spot, Jo Jo's. Heavenly.

Where I could be found every morning. I loved that hammock.

Our gorgeous room. I've always wanted a tub overlooking the ocean :)

We also went on a cruise this past March, and while we probably won't go back just the two of us, we had a great time. Nothing like floating in gorgeous blue water!

I loved this picture. God is so amazing!

Our view everyday while laying out.

Our view from our room every night.

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