Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

I absolutely CANNOT believe it is mid-May! I say it every year, but it never ceases to amaze me how time flies! Since I last posted there have been quite a few birthdays, so I want to make it BLOGGER official and wish Mamaw, Lance, Kyle and April a Happy Birthday! Woo hoo! We have a lot of friends getting married this summer too. I went to Audra's (a fellow HU alum as well as KOJIE alum) wedding the first weekend in May. It was at her house in Franklin and was gorgeous. God stopped the rain long enough to have her ceremony outside. I was so glad for her as I know how stressful that "not knowing" can be! When a girl wants an outside wedding it is hard to think of anything else :). I absolutely love weddings and cry at every one.. Audra's was no different. haha.

I was reading a random blog the other day and the woman was talking about how she is one of those people that when she finds something she loves, she wants everyone to try it. As soon as I read it I realized I am EXACTLY like that! If I try, buy, find, watch, hear something I like I want everyone to enjoy it as well! So, if I bug you about something I have come across that has no interest for you, I apologize! With that said, I have come across something that I MUST share!

I am an avid Dave Ramsey listener and he is consistently advertising a program called E-Mealz. After hearing it for the 7430587493th time, I decided to check it out. Their website is It is a program in which they design meal plans (5 meals per week for small and large families) based on the current sales at the different grocery stores. For example if you are a Kroger shopper, you would sign up for the Kroger plan. There is a whole list of different options. Matt and I signed up for the Point System at Any Store . That means that they put together 5 meals that are Weight Watcher qualified. Since I chose the Any Store option I then look up the weekly ads at Kroger and Publix and decide which store is going to offer me the best deal. We have been using their meals for 3 weeks and haven't spent over $30 each week. That is 5 meals for 2 people for only $30!!!! I was SO shocked that it actually worked. It also saves time. In addition to the recipes they also include a shopping list that breaks it up into sections of the grocery store. I can be in and out in 30 minutes easily.. if Matt isn't with me ;) He went with me last week and was SO embarrassed that I was carrying a binder around with me.. hehe. I am sure people do think I am crazy, because I am also giggling the whole time knowing I am saving so much money!

Anyway, I hope that made sense. It really makes much more sense when you go on their website. If you decide you want to try it out, use the coupon code dave and you will get $3 off for the first 3 months. I got that code off of, which is a website to get coupon codes for online websites! Man, I am full of information :)

ATTENTION BETH MOORE LOVERS: Beth Moore has a blog!! I came across it one night and it is, as expected, amazing! The link to it is on the right, labeled The LPM Blog. Be a Siesta (you'll understand once you read it) with me!

Ok, now that I have taken up too much space talking, here are some pictures from the past few weeks.
Our garden before we put the fence up. This was mid-April, so I need to put a current picture up. With all of the rain we have had we are going to have some vegetables before we know it!

This is MY MAN! Oh, how I love this redneck ;)

April's 21st birthday

Harding alumni at Audra's wedding. That sweet little boy in the front is Cole's (the groom) newly adopted brother. His name is Samuel and jumped in front of our picture to strike a pose. :) I wish I would have gotten a better picture of Audra and her dress. She was absolutely stunning!

I have so many more pictures, but will save those for a later post. Hope you all had a great Mothers Day and don't float away this weekend with the seemingly never ending rain!

In honor of the LOVE that is floating around this summer with all of the weddings, my verse today is:

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

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Ashley said...

I love ya'lls garden! Look how you are saving $.


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