Monday, December 22, 2008

The one and only diva in Nashville.. CARRIE UNDERWOOD (sorry Faith Hill)

My sweet manly husband bought me Carrie Underwood tickets for Christmas! It was an amazing concert and he was so proud of himself for thinking of the idea. He wrapped the tickets in a picture cut out of a magazine of Carrie, which I am holding up below :)

We were so close to all of the behind the scenes action. Those are Carrie's "bling" microphones.

33 seconds until Carrie starts!

She chose a little girl from the audience to sing American Girl with her. See video at the bottom of the page!

2nd outfit

Same dress, she just ripped off the bottom :)

4th outfit, as well as my favorite!

Added a pretty awesome leather jacket to it

During the finale confetti went everywhere. I was pulling it out of my purse for the rest of the week.. haha


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