Monday, December 8, 2008

Snuggles the burger protector

A few years ago I bought Snuggles these ugly chew toys to bug my mom. They were a hamburger and a hot dog, so I knew she wouldn't like them laying around. Little did either of us know that the burger would become Snuggles' prized possession. Some nights you can't even walk past her, if the burger is near, without getting growled at. I was playing with her tonight and she was extra ferocious, so I caught it on video :). I also added a few of the funnier recent pics.

This is what she looks like after rolling around in the blanket.

One night I couldn't find her, and after looking for 10 minutes I finally found her under the guest bed. I guess this is her "alone" spot.

Snuggles protecting her burger underneath the guest bed.


Kayla J. Seaman said...

Kelli... Im pretty sure she would eat you!! ,,,please step away from the burger!

Rachael said...

hahaha! hilarious! Little snuggles can definitely hold her own!


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