Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I've never been an over the top celebrate-r of Valentines Day....until I had kids. And then you are able to make the ordinary things in the day that much more fun with little things, which is right up my alley!

As soon as I got up that morning I noticed a card propped up on the stove. My sweet husband had put it there. It was such a sweet card and definitely started off my day right! He knows how much I love them! 

 I made the boys a themed breakfast and had to go wake Cade up so that could eat together. Connor came in with me and kept saying, "Happy Valentine's Day, Cade. It's Valentine's Day!" I made them take the picture before they dug into their food, which made Cade a little unhappy. I had to keep giving him bites of the extra pancakes so he would at least not cry! 

After breakfast, we got ready to run some errands in Nashville. To make it seem less like errands, we stopped by Gigi's Cupcakes to grab a treat for after supper that night. The past 2 years I had gotten them an ice cream cake, but since Matt can't eat it, I decided to do cupcakes! They have a gluten free cupcake that we surprised him with. While out, I also had to pick up mine and my friend Chesley's packet for the race we were running in the next morning. At one point I was looking at one of the vendor booths and I noticed the women in another booth were smiling and laughing at the boys. I looked down only to see Cade blowing them huge, dramatic kisses! He continued to do it to every woman we saw on our way back to the car. He is a mess, y'all!!!

As soon as Matt got home and supper was ready, we let the boys open their gifts. 

They each got a little mini set of all of the characters on Planes. Connor has been dying to see the movie, but thought it was still in the theater. We hadn't told him that it had been out for months, now :)

So, naturally, this was the next thing for him to open. We watched it while eating supper and I'm pretty sure they watched it at least three times with their daddy the next day! 

I sure do love my 3 Valentine's!!!


April said...

Cute breakfast!! We got our son a small Dusty figurine for Valentine's Day. He carries it everywhere. He likes the movie except the scary part, so he calls it, when Dusty fell in the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I love the little breakfast you had for them; so fun!

Audra said...

What a sweet Valentine's Day to remember! You are SO good at making your boys feel so special. You are an amazing MOMMY!!!!!!!!


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