Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This was the year for us to celebrate in Arkansas, so as soon as Matt got off of work on Wednesday, we headed that way. The boys did great.... which, honestly, they always do. It might or might not be because of the endless movies playing on the way. Our poor parents having to travel without DVD players. I'm not even ashamed that we use them. Nope. I'm sure once they get old enough for us to play games we will, but until then we are a DVD on the whole time kind of family :)

Thursday morning I went for a run while my mom slaved in the kitchen. Bless her for letting me! I needed it as it had been almost 3 weeks since I had run due to some shin splints. It was great, but my hands were FROZEN once I got back. Matt and I then went into moms room and did a set of exercises so that we could burn some calories before ingesting all that food. It must have been a pretty good workout, because I was sore the next day!! 

I could not believe how gorgeous of a day it turned out to be. It was a little chilly if you weren't in the sun, but otherwise perfect! The boys were loving it since we had previously had a abnormally cold week the week before and Cade tried his best to get someone to take him outside! He kept going up to everyone and grabbing their hands and trying to pull them up. 

I wanted to get a pic before we left and I decided to take one with the boys and Uncle Lance and Aunt Bekkah. Didn't it turn out great?! 

Mom and Mamaw with her kids! 

Connor and Cade had a blast with their cousins. They are so sweet to play with my boys and I always tell them how much it means to me! 
On Friday Connor got to spend the day with MiMi! The local swimming park had turned into a winter wonderland and had real snow! You could build a snowman, have a snowball fight and go sledding. Mom went out and got him some gloves and snow boots and off they went. Connor's favorite part was building the snowman. He went sledding once, but bumped into someone else and was done after that. Afterwards, they went to see the movie, Frozen. He now sleeps with a little stuffed snowman that she got him and he named it Frozen :). He has told everyone about how he got to build a snowman with MiMi, so I'd say he had a blast! 

The next morning we were able to stop by one of my best friends from college, Lana's house. She lives almost directly across the street from my dad! She has an ADORABLE little girl named Shelby. I hadn't seen them since August, so I was pretty much dying to get there. Cade was in a horrible mood, but we tried to get pictures of them anyway. Shelbs did not understand why he was crying, and I love these next three pictures I got! 

Hey, buddy! It's ok! 

Maybe if we ignore it he'll stop! I'll smile! 

Oh, I know! I'll give him a big smooch. That'll work! 
She kissed on him the entire time we were there. He finally gave her some loving back before we left. Totes getting married, those two ;)

Matt blowing bubbles trying to keep our boys from killing each other (they were wrestling and acting crazy)

Sweet, sweet girl. 

Isn't she beautiful?! I could just eat her up! 
It was so good to see them! We have a planned a trip to meet in Memphis in April and go to the zoo and I cannot wait!!!

As soon as we got to Dad's, Connor immediately pulled out the book and crawled into Papaw's lap. 
Cade, not one to miss out on anything, joined shortly thereafter. 
We had an amazing dinner and had fun watching football and relaxing. My older brother, Scott, was there and made the most incredible baked turkey I have ever had. He is a chef, so he obviously knows his stuff! It really did look like something out of a magazine! 
Aunt Bekkah and Cade got the memo. Connor and Uncle Lance? Not so much!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are so thankful for all of our families. And even more thankful that we get to see them all again in a few weeks! 



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