Friday, December 6, 2013

Cade Daniel:: 20 months

Oh, my sweet baby Cade. You are almost 20 months old and I have yet to post about you turning 18 months old. This still holds as one of my favorite phases in a toddler's life. You, my dear, might make it a little more challenging than your brother did, but more to come on that in a bit ;). 

If I could use one phrase to describe you, it would be full of personality. You make us laugh on a daily basis and the next second your daddy and I are talking about how you are going to be trouble. You might only be 20 months old, but in your mind you are just as old as your big brother. Speaking of you and your big brother, I will start off with that. 

You and Connor: Oh my goodness, seeing you two together makes me so happy. Y'all are going to be thick as thieves, I can already tell! You think everything he does is hilarious and the greatest thing ever...unless it gets in your way. You think you can do everything he does, too, which is probably the reason you have had about 4 nosebleeds in the last 3 months. You will be our ER child, I have no doubt. Y'all love to wrestle and you grit those teeth so hard that they grind together as you run to tackle. We joke all the time that you are going to be our rough one. Gentle is just not in you yet. No one can make you laugh like your brother does, and I can already see the adoration in your eyes. Your favorite thing to do when you first see someone is to point to Connor and (very enthusiastically) say, "BUBBA!" You are proud he is yours. I pray that your relationship will always be this close!

Dipping your bread in a lemon??? You make me laugh! 

Stats: You are right down the middle for everything, but people are always commenting on how big you are. We get asked all the time if you and Connor are twins! Especially when you are dressed alike :) 

Talking and other milestones: You are a little late to the game with this one, which is to be expected with a big brother that a)talks ALL THE TIME and b) knows everything! With that said, we did get your hearing tested and have to go back in next week to get one ear re checked. So, we'll see! You have just recently started saying "bubba, mama, ah-dee (for daddy), ou-down (touch down) bu-ball(football), uh-oh, ah-pple, yes, will shake head no, but don't say anything for it yet, unny (funny), anks (thanks), e-a-boo (peek a boo) e-pie (peep eye), hiiiiii, buy-buy (bye) bop (stop), and atch (catch). You can mimic more, but don't use them consistently. You can point out members of our extended and immediate family, and I know they are some that are ready for those names to come next! I really feel like you are going to explode with your vocabulary soon, but am still so thankful we have a dr willing to look further into it a little early! Even though there might not be much in the form of actual words coming out of that mouth, you understand EVERYTHING we say. You can make the noises for elephants and anything that growls. You love to growl (hand motion included). You also do the batman sounds while flying him around. Car and airplane noises are also a fav. You roll your Rs all.the.time. I have no idea where you learned it, but you love to do it! You can point out your head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, toes and hands. 

 Motor skills: You have been able to stack up to 8 blocks for a while now and have such concentration while doing it. Really, you love anything using your fine motor skills. Those little hands are pretty steady and you can just see the wheels turning in your eyes. Your papa is making you one of those boards with locks and trinkets on it to play with for Christmas and you are going to LOVE it!  You have been feeding yourself with a fork and spoon for probably 6 months now and prefer that over being helped. You try your hardest to jump like Connor does and you just know you are as fast as him. You race up and down the hall with him, making sure to count off at each end before you go. 
LOVE your pucker!  Puts everything into that kiss

Loves: You have your favorite books and will read them over and over again. Pat the Bunny and Brown Bear are in the top two. Along with the box of mini books Aunt Rachel got you. Anything having to do with balls is also a favorite. You LOVE to watch football on TV and will run around the house throwing up your arms and saying your version of touchdown. If we hear you say, "atch", we know we have about 5 seconds to catch whatever ball you are throwing at us. You are able to stand in place and kick a soccer ball and you get so mad if Connor runs to kick your ball before you do. I have a feeling that sports are going to get interesting with you two when you get older! You are going to be a competitive little guy! You love to wrestle and we can always get the best laughs out of you doing it. Your absolute favorite thing is being outside, though. You throw the biggest fit when we come inside. Limp body and all. It doesn't matter how cold it is, you want to be out there. One afternoon after coming back from school Connor and I played Candy Land on the kitchen table while you pushed a lawn mower on the back porch. It was so cold that your nose started running and you would come up and knock on the door when you needed me to wipe it. Such a mess! You love baths, playing with cars and being around big kids, any form of apple technology (it is CRAZY how good he is at it) and eating. Oh, me, you love to eat! The only thing I have found you don't like is Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and I give you everything we eat. You'll eat brussel sprouts, but no PB&J. 

Dislikes: being told no, Connor taking something away from you and you aren't really a huge fan of being tickled. You will laugh for the first bit and then you are done. It's not too hard to figure out what you want or don't want as your high pitch scream tells everyone within a 50 ft radius. 

You really do have the best little personality. You will go to just about anyone and wave at people all the time. You are not shy, that's for sure! You have more facial expressions than anyone I know and use them often. You do have a bit of what we like to call "the rage" and we are working on reigning that in. ;) We have had you in our little family for 20 months now and I still marvel at the fact that you are mine. I have a feeling I will still be doing that 20 years from now, too. I love you, boo boo!!!

all of these were taken within a minute. he is nuts!!!

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