Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monster's University: A first for my first!!

A few months ago Connor used some of his birthday money and bought the movie Monsters, Inc. Shortly thereafter the previews started coming out for Monsters University and Connor was over the moon excited about it! He kept telling everyone that he was going to see it "tomorrow" and wanted every single thing in the grocery store that had Mike "E-owski" on it. (Side note: Mike is his favorite because he is green. Duh.)  Finally, it came out on the big screen and we set out to see it. We went on a Sunday and I am so glad we did, because we basically had the whole theater to ourselves. I wasn't too worried about him getting restless, because brother loves him some movies! At the beginning he would laugh at the funniest things. He loved the short story film about the blue and red umbrella. He still talks about it, actually. I loved how he didn't whisper and how he would put his hand on my face when he wanted to point something out. He had to make sure I was paying attention!

He was pretty quiet during the movie, but that is just because he was soaking it all in. That is how he usually is the first time he sees anything. That way he can tell you everything that is about to come up every single other time he watches it! As soon as we walked out he told me, "Mommy. That was awesome!" Mission accomplished. Since then, he has growled incessantly, will crawl underneath tables to scare people, and has perfected each monsters different growl. He has even taught little brother to growl, although he isn't as into it as his big brother!! Aunt April and Uncle Josh came with us and they have continued "scaring" with him. He sure is loved and blessed to have an aunt and uncle that care so much!!

Getting to experience these "firsts" with my boys will for sure go down as one of my favorite things about being a mommy! 


Anonymous said...

First of all, you are lookin' hot mama! I love that dress and you have some guns on ya! :-)

I have to ask... where did you get your gold watch? I have been wanting one for some time now.

My girls want to see this movie too. They just went to Despicable Me 2 a couple weekends ago.

Linds said...

coming over from Jenna's commenting challenge. Your blog title caught my eye because I'm a fellow boy mom too :) Your boys are precious! We just went to see Monsters U last week too, and my boys LOVED it!


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