Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Perdido Key trip details

*First, let me say that if you scroll down to the post below, you will find a video of the entire trip. It's long (like 10 minutes), but pretty cute. Although I am entirely biased! 

I would have to say that this vacation was the sickest (health wise.. although it was "sick" in the awesome sense, too) vacation we have ever been on. But I also have to say that it didn't damper my excitement or enjoyment of it even a tiny bit. That is how much I love the beach! 

It all started on Easter weekend. Cade got yet another little cold and we actually said, "Well, at least he won't be sick on vacation" since it was only 2 weeks out. Of course, he got rid of it and Connor picked it up 2 days before we left. Which it is only natural that Cade picked it up again the day before. Cade woke up around midnight the night before we left and I smelled it before I even got in there. Y'all. It was the worst throw up I have ever seen in my life. I told Matt that I really don't think I had been initiated into motherhood until that night. And I didn't even clean the sheets. Pam did! We really didn't think he had a stomach bug because he was as happy as a clam, playing and didn't have a fever. I honestly thought it was from all the drainage that was in his chest. Because when he would get sick, it was after sneezing (so weird, I know. It got to the point that Matt and I would both whip our heads around when he would sneeze). The trip down went pretty smooth. Connor didn't nap very well because he was so congested and started complaining that his ear hurt. After a little dose of ibuprofen, he felt so much better. Thankfully, he never complained about his ear again! 

Once we got to the condo, we were amazed at the views and the room. There were windows everywhere and being on the 17th floor meant we had views for days. Our room had windows in front of our bed and to the right of it, which was unbelievable. Connor had his own room and Cade slept in a pack n play in our huge walk in closet. My policy is that if it has a vent, it qualifies as an extra room :). 

Connor was like a different child when it came to the beach.  In years past (here and here) he would barely touch the sand. He had to have shoes on. Would wipe his hands after touching it and wouldn't even nap on a blanket that was on the sand. 

Just goes to show how much bigger he is getting! He dug his toes in the sand like it was nothing! Napped on a blanket every single day. I was so proud of him and had so much fun playing with him. In fact, I took a book with me but ended up only reading at night with the exception of a few times. I would much rather play with him than read! 

He also loved the waves. He would throw sticks, sand and whatever else washed in back into the waves. Here he is growling at them :)

Their noses ran more this trip than they ever have. Cade's infection even spread to his eyes and they started getting all gooped up. Connor soldiered on and for the most part, so did Cade. I could tell he wasn't his normal happy self, which I think affected how he reacted to the sand. He wasn't totally crazy about it, but it definitely wasn't as bad as Connor's first time. I think had he been completely healthy, he wouldn't have minded it as much! He was also not sleeping very well, waking up three times a night and every.single.morning at 5:30. Every day we would put him down early for a nap and let him sleep as long as he wanted before going down to the beach for the day. We packed a lunch and ate either at the pool or at the beach. After they napped, we would go back up to the room to get ready for supper and go out to eat. Repeat x7. Pure bliss, if you ask me! 

Of course, the colds weren't the only things that slowed us down. All day Tuesday I felt kind of weird. I didn't think too much about it, just thought I was a little dehydrated. I cashed in a little early that afternoon and spent the next 16 hours in bed. Thankfully, I only got sick once and didn't miss out on any beach time. That same night, Matt ended up getting sick and was out of commission the entire next day (Wednesday). Wednesday night Kyle ended up being sick all night and Thursday morning it hit Connor. It was so pitiful. He didn't want me leaving his side and I didn't want to. Every time he threw up, I wanted to cry. It broke my heart! It lasted for maybe 6 hours and he was back to his normal self! 

Lucky for Gammie, she escaped the Perdido Key stomach bug. That must be one strong immune system she has! 

Besides the sickness, the trip was perfect. Who's ready to go again??? :)

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April said...

I am sorry you all were sick on your vacation but it sounds like you all took it in stride. Glad your guys had fun at the beach!


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