Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cade Daniel: twelve months!!!

Bless your little heart.. this past month of your life has been a sick one! I have had people say that the sicker they are when they are babies the less sick they will be when they get older. If that's the case, you might not ever get sick in the future!

We went to the dr on your birthday (boo for having to get shots on your birthday), so I actually have your stats! 
HT: 30 inches (50%)
WT: 21.10 (right below 50%) 
HC: 18 in (25%.. itty bitty head!)

You, my little man, have really started showing us your personality this month. You are going to be a strong little guy. You are..ahem..quick to share your opinion with a very loud scream and a facial expression that lets everyone know you are not happy about the outcome of whatever just happened. If you weren't so dadgum cute, I might be frustrated by it. But, alas, I laugh every time!

You also make the cutest face when you are upset. This is usually after someone tells you not to do something (unless it is your brother. Then you make the aforementioned scream and mad face).

I am constantly laughing at how different you are from your brother. While Connor is a bit more reserved, you are, well, not! You will usually go to just about anyone and will even seek people out. If they quite paying attention to you, you are quick to let them know you want their eyes back on you (remember that strong personality I was talking about???)

I am starting to get glimpses of what life is going to be like once you get fully mobile. My head is already spinning! I cannot turn my back on you for a second or you will, no doubt, be getting into something you aren't supposed to. I always know when you have been in a room if there is something completely destroyed. And let's not even talk about the bathroom. Let's just say we have to keep that door shut or it's a huge mess! You also LOVE to take my earrings out, bobby pins out or try and break my necklace while I am holding you. I had to start taking off all of my jewelry before feeding you or you would rip them all off.

With that said, you play so well by yourself. You have become so intentional with the things you do and it has been one of the biggest changes I have noticed in you. You like to put the top back on things if they have one, put things in buckets and take them out, bang two toys together. I can ask you to go get the ball, your milk, the remote, etc and you will go get it and bring it to me. I really don't get much done when you are playing because I can't help but watch you. I truly love watching you learn. 

You also take everything in. Connor has a drum set at Gammie's house and after watching him play once, you knew exactly what to do with those sticks after he got done. You were so proud of yourself, too! 

While you don't have any words, per se, you are still so vocal. There are times that you will look people right in their eyes and let a string of babble loose and I know you are having your own little conversation with us. 

You love to stand, but still aren't confident enough to do it on your own. You will do it for about 3 seconds before you slowly work your way back down. You laugh the whole time, which always makes me laugh. I am afraid that there might not even be any walking for you. You might just skip straight to running! 

You have started this terrible, awful, no good habit of spitting your food out if you don't like it. I have to disguise just about anything besides fruit and lunch meat (well, with the exception of a few veggies) in bread. I am a little stumped on what to do with this and it is probably one of my biggest frustrations. The crazy thing is you will eat grass, but spit out chicken? I don't understand that, mister!!! You are pretty much weaned except for nursing on one side in the morning. You love milk and have fully graduated to the sippy cup. 

I know from here on out that the changes are going to come so quickly. I love seeing you become your own little person and am so proud to say that I am your mommy. I love you, boo boo!

And, I just had to throw in the chubby baby foot.. LOVE!!!


April said...

Awww he is so cute! Happy Birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

He is just so cute! I bet it is so hard for you to believe he is one already! Time goes so stinkin' fast!

Audra said...

Happy 1st birthday to your cute pie!!! He just seems like such a happy baby hanging with his mama!!!

Audra said...
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Audra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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