Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekends are my favorite

Goodness gracious, I love the weekends. Daddy is home, which means so many things. First and foremost, I love getting to laugh at these boys with him. They really are so stinking funny and I love getting to share that with him. I love the moments that we look at each other and just revel in the fact that these boys are ours. This life is ours. Secondly, 2 more hands! Yep, I am blessed with a very involved daddy.. something I am thankful for every single day! 

Here is what we were up to! 

The wild one...

Oh, my Cade man. You really can't turn your back on this one. Within minutes of me taking this picture the top (yes, the top. notice that left foot propped on the bag of blocks. Brother was using it to reach the top shelf) and middle shelf were almost empty. Took me much longer to put them back up. 

He loves the dishwasher. As in will hightail it to the kitchen if he hears me open it. I figured out it was the water, so I solved that little problem. Yes, he got soaking wet, but I also got to unload the dishwasher without him pulling the entire bottom rack out. 

My big boy...
I didn't have plans to turn Connor's bed into a toddler bed, but for some reason I just decided to this weekend. We are going to purchase a full size mattress soon, but figured why not take off the front of his crib until then? He was PUMPED! I knew he would do fine because he has been sleeping in a big bed at grandparent's houses whenever we visit. I just love being able to cuddle him up in the covers for our nighttime routine. I can't wait until it's a bed I can actually climb into, too! 

Good food and family fun...

My father in law texted me Saturday morning asking if we wanted to meet at Cracker Barrel. We asked Connor if he wanted to go and as soon as he heard the words Cracker Barrel, he was running into his room to get dressed. He loves that place. The fact that Rowen was there (he had stayed the night with BeBe and D-daddy), was an awesome bonus. Each time we are around Rowen gets better than the last.  Their interaction just keeps growing and I love that! 

Snow fun...

When we got home the snow that had been slowly falling had accumulated on our patio furniture. Enough so that we were able to make some snowballs. I was super shocked that Connor wanted to play outside in it. Just further proof that he is growing up! 

Love the bottom right. Truly shows his silly personality! 

Afterwards Matt had to burn some brush and Connor wanted to go out with him. I put some coveralls on top of his other clothes and I could not quit laughing at how big he was. He told me, "I can't walk, Mommy. I'm too big!"

I really don't think he could bring his arms any closer to his body or bring his legs closer together! 

After Cade woke up, I put him at the window so I could clean out his closet (I had not put away ANY clothes of his since he grew out of NB and they were all at the top of his closet. It was a disaster) and he could watch Connor play. After a few minutes Connor decided he wanted to come in, too. So they sat there for probably 30 minutes watching daddy "make a fireplace"
They held hands like this for the longest time

Sunday funday...

I bought these longalls before Cade was even born. I was so excited to finally put them in it! 

These outtakes just make me laugh. Sometimes they are my favorite. 

After the boys napped (because let me tell ya..those are so necessary on sundays) we headed out to make a Sam's trip. I think you get such a better deal on their produce and we go through it like crazy around here! 

1. I dropped the after nap feeding. He was never nursing more than 5 minutes and SO distracted. So now it has become Connor's feeding. The problem is, he can't stand for Cade not to finish it all. HA! It is almost a battle to get him to drink more than 3 oz. Connor was the same way at this feeding, which is weird!
2. So typical. Cade screaming at the top of his lungs. Yes, baby boy. We all hear you and see you ;)
3. Another typical. Connor all up in his personal space. Brother loves hard.
4. He wanted to hold my hand :). He is also telling me that I dropped something out of my pocket. I really didn't think I had, but by the time we got to the car he was near tears telling me that I needed that paper. I finally checked my pockets to realize that I had dropped my old Sam's card. Matt went back and found it and he(connor) was so relieved. He was NOT going to let us leave that parking lot without it! I can't believe he even noticed it fell out...he really does pay attention to everything!

There you have it. A busy, but simple weekend. My favorite kind! 


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I tell you what, the day my baby boy starts moving is one I am not quite prepared for. I will really have my hands full then! :) That first picture of Cade taking the books off the shelf made me think of that, haha!

The two of them holding hands is just about the sweetest thing ever!

And, GENIUS on the pan of water! I am going to have to remember that one! ;)

Rachel said...

Girl, I love reading your blog, because everything you described about Cade is like Dylan! He is my energetic, into everything, busy big brother! Sounds like you got yours too! They are both too cute!


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