Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Tour 2012: The Kegleys

Well, hello there! I have procrastinated and procrastinated some more when it comes to recapping Christmas and New Years. If it weren't for the fact that the reason I do this is to look back and remember, then I would just skip over it and start fresh. But, I know I would regret it next year, so here I am. We had 6 celebrations this year, so needless to say this won't be a quick recap! 

We started out what I called the Christmas Tour with the Kegleys the weekend before Christmas. Saturday morning we went to our annual breakfast at Loveless Cafe. It is always so good and I usually leave absolutely miserable. Matt asked me what I was most looking forward to eating on the way there and he was extremely disappointed with my answer. It was the fruit!! I love eating fruit, but it is SO expensive, so I thoroughly enjoy it when it's all you can eat!

We opened Christmas presents with them after church on Sunday. It was a nice, relaxed event. Both boys took naps, which made for happy boys (and parents!) while we opened presents. Cade slept on a pallet on the floor for almost 3 hours and when I went to check on him I noticed that the sound machine seemed louder. I went to open the door and he had crawled over to the sound machine and was messing with it. It just made me laugh! He is into everything! Libby took some pictures for me that day.. thanks, Libby!!!

From L to R, starting at the top:
1. Uncle Josh with Cade. Seriously, makes my heart melt. I can only IMAGINE what it does to his wife ;) HA! Cade loves him and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual!
2. Uncle Josh, Aunt April and my baby boy.
3. Cade opening up his first presents.
4. Connor laughing hysterically at his new Hamm.
5. Yes, that was their tree. D-daddy IS a ham! ;)
6. So excited about his new slinky dog... that TALKS!
7. Uncle Kyle gets the big belly laughs and squeals!
8. BeBe and D-daddy containing playing with Cade
9. Uncle Kyle and Cade

It was so much fun to see Connor during all of this. He loved passing out the presents and was so sweet and patient for his turn (we go youngest to oldest). He was excited to see what everyone got and really paid attention to each present that he opened when it was his turn. I guess I am just proud of how he acted overall! Opening presents is a big concept to understand and appreciate for a little kid!

Coming up next... Arkansas trip!

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