Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cade:7 months

So, yeah. Cade will definitely be 8 months old in a mere 15 days (excuse me while I sob for a few seconds) and I am just now able to do this. By the time I got ready to take the pictures he was about 10 kinds of sick and was definitely not in the mood to take some pictures. And it is all about some pictures! 

Happy 7 month birthday, baby boy!!!

   You are on.the.move! You have yet to get up and crawl, but your army crawl is pretty serious. You even use your legs, but you just don't want to get up on your knees and go. You'll rock back and forth like you want to, but nothing yet. 


That definitely hasn't stopped you from getting into everything. You will go into different rooms (and get there quickly) and will usually go for the air vents and plugs pretty quickly. Two things your brother could have cared less about. I have a feeling you might be our mischievous little one! 

You have become a little momma's boy this month. If you even catch a glimpse of me,  you will  sometimes whine for me and if I walk within, what you believe, is arms distance you will leap for me. If I am holding you and someone tries to take you, you will occasionally melt back into me and hide your face. I LOVE it! Now if you are hungry, then forget about it. You know where your food comes from! 

Your sleeping has been all over the map. From a baby that always napped and was consistently sleeping through the night, you have been a pretty horrible napper and have had a few episodes of waking up. I think it first started when you got so congested a few weeks ago and it just became a wee little habit after that. Your new thing is to fuss a little and crawl over to the bumper pad and look at the door, watching for us. Within a couple of minutes you will just lay your head down and go to sleep. You do it almost every day now! 


  You are so intentional with your grabbing. Your favorite thing to do is grab ears, noses and mouths. Future ENT, maybe??? You will grab my face and push it to the side just so you can look and grab at my ear. You will then follow it up by pinching my nose so hard that I can't breathe out of it! You started sitting in front of your toy box and pulling out toys this month. You are just as content as can be to sit there and pull toys out. As soon as you get tired of sitting, you can gradually make your way onto your tummy to crawl away. While crawling, you will also prop yourself up on your side. I kind of think you are trying to figure out how to sit back up. It amazes me that you are able to stay steady like that, but you do! *Cade 7 month I'm not even sure I have mentioned this yet, but you are eating solids and LOVE them. You still nurse 4 times a day and eat 3 oz of oatmeal in the morning, 4 oz of current solid at lunch AND dinner! Hungry boy! I am making your baby food using the Baby Bullet and I love it. You see those little containers and you will start kicking your legs and getting excited. You know what that means! *Cade 7 month1 I said last month that I thought you were giving kisses and I can definitely say you are. My favorites are when I go into the nursery at MDO to get you. You will kiss me 3 or 4 times in a row and I just melt every time. I miss you so much during those days!

If Connor will let you, you will give him kisses, too. He doesn't let you all the time, because he says they are "swobbery". You don't do it to daddy too often, because I think his beard tickles you! When you do it is always followed by the most hilarious face. That doesn't stop him from kissing you anyway and I can't blame him!


Oh, Cade. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the love I have for you and your brother. It is so unreal to me that God gave me you two. It is such a blessing and one that I will forever be thankful for. I love you the whole wide world and then some, baby boy!

Goodness, these past 7 months have flown by! He has changed so much since that 1st month!!!
*cade 7 month2

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Anonymous said...

Happy 7, almost 8 monts! Those pictures are perfection, beautiful.

I love your idea of doing the pictures in the crib and the handmade sign too!


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