Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Trunk or Treat to beat all Trunk or Treats

Well, last night was a pretty big hit. As the title says, it was the one to beat from here on out, but more on that in a minute. 

First I have to focus on this little guy. He woke up about 30 minutes before Connor did and I had a brief moment of remembering what it was like to have one child (and one that would willingly smile for the camera!)
And can we also just for a brief moment focus on those sweet leg rolls? Mmm Mmmm.. love me some chunky baby thighs! 

He has had some rough days lately. I don't know if he is teething or just going through a "could you please just hold me all the time" phase. 

One thing I do know is brother does not like being stuck in one spot. If he is sitting, he is trying to crawl somewhere to get something. If I am holding him, he is trying to get down, but the just frustrated he can't go anywhere once I do put him down. Bless. Like I said, it's been pretty rough! 

So, it was nice to have this little one on one time with him. I think we both needed it! While I am not ready to see little teeth in his mouth or chase him all over the house with him crawling, I am ready to have my happy baby back. 

I read some Halloween books to them this morning and it was so funny to me how Cade was so still and looking at the pages and listening. It was even funnier that Connor would basically repeat everything I said and directed it towards Cade. Always the little teacher. I suppose it will be nice once it comes time to start introducing shapes, colors, alphabet to him. He'll always get a double dose of it between his brother and I. 

Although I wouldn't be surprised if he listened to Connor more than he did me. He has an ear for his voice. In fact, in the picture below I was trying to take some close ups of him and Connor woke up calling for me. He whipped his head back and forth trying to find him. Have I mentioned that I love their bond already????

I need to do another update on them soon because their interaction is changing daily. It gets funnier to me all the time as I can see their personalities coming out even more. 

So, onto THE trunk or treat! As you already know, Connor was a football player and Cade his football. I decided to go as "Connor's mom" and painted a GO #17 on my face (the number on his football jersey), so I suppose that would make Matt "Connor's dad".. HA! 

 He did not want to put the black face paint on and even told me, "Mommy, football players don't wear that on their face." I said, "Yes, they do buddy. Do you need me to show you a picture?" "Yes, I need to see that," he said. OH ME. 

 Every year the youth reach (aka youth group) at our church dresses up as a group with a theme. This year was Andy's Toys from Toy Story. I knew D-Daddy was going to be Buzz, but I had no idea that every single character in the movie was going to be there. Y'all. When we first got there he saw Woody first and he just froze with wide eyes. I told him to wave to him and he did, so Woody (our youth minister) came over to talk to him. He even had Andy's name on the bottom of his boot. Connor was in awe! He told Connor that Buzz was going to be there later on and I think Connor said, "Daddy, Buzz is going to be here" at least 10 times on the way inside. He didn't see Buzz until after supper (he had some intergalatical duties..aka cooking supper.. that he was taking care of), but when he did he was pretty much frozen just taking him all in. I don't know if it is because D-daddy didn't have his glasses on or what, but it was probably a good 15 minutes before he figured out it was him. He didn't even care about the candy that much, he just wanted to go back and see all the characters. Aunt April and Uncle Josh came, too, as Mr and Mrs Potato Head. 

 Needless to say, I am ready to go to Disney!! As much fun as Connor had seeing all the characters, I probably enjoyed watching him just as much! He talked about it the entire way home, too. "Mommy, D-Daddy grew up to be Buzz Wightyear?" HA! Love that kid! 

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April said...

I was just about to say before I read your last sentences, you need to take him to Disney! Sounds like he would love it! So neat that everyone dresses up for the kids.


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