Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sickies round 2

Friday morning we woke up early to take Matt to work and head to Gammie's house for the weekend. Cade pretty much coughed the entire way and it wasn't just a little cough. You could tell that it was an "I'm getting sick" cough. In addition to his watery eyes, I figured this wasn't going to be a quick little cold. 

As with most kids, you couldn't even tell he was sick. He still played and smiled all day long.

Connor was showing no signs of being sick at all on Friday, but right before his nap Saturday afternoon (the day we were going to Disney on Ice) he informed me that he was feeling sick in his tummy. He took a short nap and we forged ahead getting ready for the show. He told me on the way that he wasn't sick anymore, but I could still tell that he didn't feel like himself. 

If I'm being honest, I was totally waiting on him to throw up. Which, in turn, led me to feel a little nauseous throughout the day, too. Thankfully, he never did and started to act more like himself before bed time. 

For some reason Matt and I went to bed fairly early Saturday night and thank goodness we did. Y'all. It was probably one of the longest nights I have ever had! Connor had caught the sinus junk and sounded awful. I'm pretty sure we might have had 2 hours of sleep where both boys were asleep. As soon as we got one down, the other would wake up. Matt and I took turns, but I don't think either of us really slept when the other was gone. 

I even tried to convince Connor to sleep with us. He couldn't breathe and I knew if I could just keep him propped up on some pillows that he would do better. He did not want to do that, so I put a wedge pillow under his sheet and a pillow on top, which helped quite a bit. After he finally went to sleep, Cade woke up. It was one of those things that we couldn't decide if it was because he was sick or if he just wanted us to hold him, because he would literally quit crying as soon as he heard his doorknob turn. We had propped his crib up on one end to give it a little incline, too, but I'm not even sure how much it helped. He didn't really stay in there long enough to find out! 

After falling asleep in the chair holding him, I figured we would just go lay in bed. We slept there for a little while and finally I decided to try to feed him a little bit and put him back in his pack and play. That worked and at 5, he finally slept for more than 2 hours! Connor, of course, woke up at that point and decided that he would much prefer to lay on me and sleep. As I laid him on me, it made me sad because his little feet went past my knees! 

Sunday was pretty pitiful for my little Connor. He had a fever and was terribly congested. Cade seemed to be feeling better. We just rested and didn't do anything, really. Poor Gammie didn't feel good either. We were a pitiful group! 

The boys are still dealing with the nasty drainage, but much better overall. Cade woke up a few times last night and I eventually had to bring him into bed with me. He would only fall asleep on his tummy beside me with my hand under his head??? Weird, I know. He was perfectly content, though, because he didn't move a muscle while like that. Plus, it allowed me to sleep without worrying about him smothering his face into my pillow. Who needs feeling in their hand? ;) 

Nights like that make me realize how blessed we have been to have good sleepers, but most importantly, healthy babies! 

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