Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Every year as soon as October rolls around, I start getting the itch to head to a pumpkin patch. We finally got to do it last Saturday and it was the perfect day to do it. The weather was amazing! I was so pumped, but realized when we got there that it was $6 per person to do anything besides take pictures on their truck. And we were short $1 to do that. Whomp whomp. So, we went crazy taking some pictures instead. 
Seriously? The bottom R picture? Dear Connor, you are TWO.  Not Fifteen. Thank you. Love, Mommy.

Cade was serious about getting one of those pumpkins. I think he looked up twice the whole time he was sitting there. 

 The first year we went to this pumpkin patch, Connor was 7 months old. Here we are 2 years later with 2 kids!

Thankfully, Aunt April and Uncle Josh came with us and took the picture for us. I was sad they didn't get to see Connor play, but I think he entertained us all the same. 

 Who needs pumpkin patch activities when you can fly around saying, "I'm Buzz Lightyear, space ranger" over and over and over. 

And then he would stop and get us with his laser. Seriously. This kid is OBSESSED!
 He wouldn't hold my hand. He only wanted to walk with Aunt April and Uncle Josh. My boys sure are blessed with so many people who love him! 
Next year I will, ahem, research a bit before and have enough cash on hand to be able to play! 

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