Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Annual anniversary fondue dinner

I have mentioned before that every year around our anniversary Matt and I have a cheese fondue dinner. We do it because at the resort we stayed at on our honeymoon one of our favorite meals was at their fondue restaurant.  We only have it this one time throughout the year. We decided this time that it was good that we do that, because while it is DElicious, it is also very rich.

This year was the first year we had been able to do it sans kids since our 1st anniversary. Both boys stayed with D-Daddy and BeBe, so we had the house all to ourselves. It was very weird to see their doors open at night! 

We started off by going to the grocery store together to get the ingredients. As much as I love going to the grocery store with Connor (Cade doesn't care yet), I didn't realize how much I missed doing something small like that with just Matt. It's the little things :)

After leaving the grocery store, I convinced Matt that it was probably a good idea if we went ahead and stopped by Baskin Robbins and pick up a little ice cream cake. Needless to say, it didn't take much convincing! 

Our meal was delicious and the cake hit.the.spot! We had a nice uninterrupted meal and finished up the night with a movie in bed....with the volume actually loud enough to be able to hear everything. HA! 

Here we are in years past. I couldn't find the picture from our first anniversary, which of course is driving me crazy. From L to R: 2009: 2 year anniversary. Pregnant with Connor, which is why we were able to eat supper before it was dark. No kids! 2010: 3 year anniversary. Connor was 6 months old, which is why I look like a hot mess. 2011: 4 year anniversary: Connor was 18 months old and I was pregnant with Cade. I'm pretty sure I had just gotten over being nauseous and inhaled the meal. 2012: 5 year anniversary. Sans kids!!!!
NOTE: I will not be pregnant in 2013, although that seems to have been the trend thus far ;)

I love having traditions and am glad we thought of this one. I can just imagine us being 80 and dipping our pieces of chicken and bacon out of the same pot full of cheese, using the same bag of tea light candles we bought that first year. Love it! 

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April said...

That is such a fun idea for an anniversary!


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