Saturday, October 20, 2012

5 years

10 years ago, when I walked into my History 101 class on the second day of school, I didn't realize that I would choose to sit by my future husband. Yes, I choose to sit there because I thought he was hot, but little did I know what the future would hold for us. God is funny like that, I suppose. 

We were friends first. We were the kind of friends that when other people see you on campus they think you are dating (and our friends joked that we might as well have been), because we were around each other a lot. And..umm..flirted a lot. After a month or so, we had a serious conversation about our feelings and both agreed that we could see this becoming a serious relationship (not talking marriage, mind you) and neither one of us were quite ready for that. So, we just kept up with the whole friendship gig for another 2 months or so. Finally, in November of 2010 we went on our first date to the Ko Jo Kai Murder Mystery event. And pretty much, that was all she wrote. We had our ups and downs as most normal college couples do. We even went on a couple of "breaks", with the longest one lasting 5 days ;). I put breaks in quotation marks because I'm pretty sure both of us knew we would get back together. 

I can very distinctly remember the first time we talked about marriage. It wasn't crazy, mushy gushy, "Oh, I can't wait to be married to you, etc." But, it was honest and serious and something that I will forever respect about my man. He takes what we have seriously and that means the world to me. 

Almost 5 years to the date that we officially became a couple, we got married. It was, hands down, the best day of my life. I knew that from this point on I was going to be waking up beside my best friend. That I would get to see that beautiful smile that totally stole my heart every day. 

That I would get to hear those hilarious sarcastic remarks every day. That I would get to have an insider's point of view of that somewhat reserved personality every day. That I would get a sweet hug and kiss every single day. 

I know for a fact that I couldn't have imagined where we would be, now, back on that day in 2007. We have a bond that is even stronger than I had dreamed. A bond, for me, that in part has come from watching him go from my husband to the father of my children. I am so, SO proud for my boys that they have this man as their daddy. 

 There are so many things that I love about our relationship, but my #1 favorite thing is he is my absolute best friend. He is the first person I want to go to about anything and I want him with me almost all the time.  In fact, I think my ultimate dream would be for him to be able to stay home with us! HA! 

Instead, he works his tail off so that I can live my dream and stay at home with our babies. I don't think he fully understands how much this means to me and I hope one day that I am able to return the favor. 

I don't know what the next 5 years will entail, but I do know this. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as I am with him it won't matter. He is my home, my heart and my forever. 

Happy 5 year anniversary, honey. I love you! 

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April said...

Happy Anniversary! You were/are a beautiful bride!


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