Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out and About

It is pretty easy to say that one of the hardest things I have encountered with having two babies instead of one is just getting out of the house! There are days that just the mere thought of getting in the car is enough to stress me out. Goodness, if I am being honest, just the mere thought of getting dressed is enough to stress me out some days.. HA! But there are some days that I just need to get out. I had one of those days a couple of weeks ago and decided to go to Opry Mills, a big outlet mall in Nashville on the Opryland Hotel property. It closed after the flood in 2010 and has just recently re-opened. I texted my sister in law, April, and she met me there on a whim. Love when whims work out :)

Before we left I decided to voluntarily give myself some grey hairs take some pictures of the boys in their semi-matching outfits. This little guy gave me no problems. Although he wasn't quite sure what these odd things were that were covering up his toes :) Also, can we talk about how his hair is combed over? My baby boy is getting so big!
Now, let's enter these little gems into evidence for my premature grey hairs. Seriously, Connor?! This child is going to be the death of me! Although, I would be lying if I said I wasn't laughing at them now... 
Thankfully, all it takes is one :) But, WHEW, taking pictures of him these days is no easy task. 

I really had no plans to buy anything while I was there. I just love to window shop. It is relaxing to me! The boys were great and sweet Cade fell asleep all cuddled up to me in the Moby wrap. At one point Connor and April were in the playground area while I was doing a little Christmas shopping for Connor. When I got back April told me that Connor kept pointing to this man beside them saying, "Aunt April, that man's a pirate." She thought he was saying pilot, which led him to keep repeating it. She finally figured it out because he was wearing a do-rag on his head. That is the second time that week he had done something like that (he called another man in the grocery store Santa because he had a big beard), so I fear we are entering that stage of toddlerhood. 

As soon as we got in the car, the boys were out and it was an extremely quiet ride home. I might or might not have sat in the car for about 15 minutes after getting home to let them sleep a little bit longer and so I could..umm..get on the internet and see what all I had missed in the instagram world. 

I mentioned earlier that I did some Christmas shopping for Connor while we were there. I had no idea there was a Disney outlet store and ohmygoodness, I am SO excited about what we found!

Y'all. He is going to die!!! They had a full Woody costume (and Jessie, completely with a velcro braid), too, that we are going to go back and get. A little Toy Story Christmas, if you will. 

It was so nice to get out and it is a good thing I did seeing how I was sick and stuck inside for about  1 1/2 weeks afterwards! Now I just have to figure out what to get Cade! Has anyone else started Christmas shopping, yet? It's never too early, in my opinion!


April said...

The pictures are too cute! I have not been to Opry Mills since it reopened but I really want to go. We live about 1.5 hours away from there. Glad you got to get out!

Mrs. Howard said...

I have friends who tell me, "Why do you bother trying to get pictures of them? The candids are so cute anyway." But seriously, that last picture you took is the reason why. Of course the candids are great too; but there's something about having a perfect picture too!! I'm with you. Grey hair or's worth it.

Tara said...

Those pictures are simply precious. I did laugh at all the funny faces Connor makes.
Glad you're feeling better and feeling like being out and about.


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