Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day-Arkansas style

There are no words to describe the tired I felt today. Shoot. That Connor felt. Brother was struggling to recover from this weekend. I don't blame him. It was about 10 kinds of crazy! 

We left Friday afternoon to go to Arkansas. There is a big baby boom (GOD IS SO GOOD!) with all of our friends there and, of course, we had to show Cade off to them as well. In addition to our friends, my grandma and aunt had yet to meet him. 

Friday night was the first Tennessee game, so to support Daddy and his Vols, I put the boys in their UT gear. I might or might not have worn an orange shirt, too. It's all in the name of love, folks. ;) I wanted to get some pictures before we left, but can we just be honest for a minute? Pictures with both of them just about wear me out. BUT, all it takes is one. 
And sometimes the outtakes outnumber the good ones. See the following, starting at the top right: 1)Cade's hands CONSTANTLY in his mouth. 2)The 2 year old "cheese" 3)Your son's classic "I'm so excited I can barely contain it" grimace. 4) The "maybe if I close my eyes this will be over" look
Thankfully, Matt was able to leave at 2, because we sat in standstill traffic for 2 hours between Memphis and Little Rock. I eventually got Cade out of his seat and we watched a movie. Poor Matt was up there by himself, but I don't think he was in the chatty mood anyway ;).  What is usually a 6 hour drive was an 8 1/2 hour drive. EEK! 

Saturday morning we got ready to start our weekend of baby hopping! First stop was my friend Amanda's house to meet Cade's birthday buddy, Reagan. She was SO cute and dainty!!! It was funny just to see the obvious difference of boy and girl between them! Cade LOVED her and her bow :) Every time he would see her he would just start talking and smiling.. and as soon as he would get close, starting going in for the bow. 

Valerie stopped by to see us, too and I was so glad to see her! She just got married in June and it just made my heart happy to see her so happy! 

After leaving Amanda's, we headed over to Carrie and Hunter's house to meet Lee and Weston! They were born 5 days apart! 

This is Lee and his parents Lori and Trevor. I am in LOVE with all of his hair!!!! He was so itty bitty and sweet. I held him and he just curled up into me. I already miss having a 2 week old! They were all astonished at how much older Cade seemed at a mere 4 months. Things change so fast in those first few months! 
This is Weston! His daddy, Hunter, was one of Matt's roommates in college (as was Trevor) and his mommy, Carrie was one of mine! I got to love and kiss on him, too! I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of Cade with them, because I just know they will be hunting buddies one day! Probably all going with their daddies!!!
After visiting for a couple of hours, we figured we better head back to my mom's so I could feed Cade and he could meet my aunt and mamaw! Connor had not napped all day and bless his little heart. He fell asleep with his head on his knee. I could not get him to stay sitting up! I called Crystal on my way and her crew met us at mom's house. Cade loved Chloe! He would just laugh and smile at her so big!
Cade meeting Mamaw for the first time! His middle name, Daniel, is named after her husband whose name was Dan :) I never got to meet him, but after hearing all the sweet stories from everyone I knew it is someone I would love for one of my boys to be named after! 

Aunt Cheryl with her granddaughter, Chloe and her great nephew! Sweet Chloe. I just want to eat her up! 

That night we left the boys with mom and headed to yet another baby celebration!! This time, we went to Lana's gender reveal party. Y'all. I did not take one single picture. In my complete and utter nervousness, I left EVERYTHING in the car as I got out and pretty much ran up to the house. I was so anxious to wrap my arms around Lana and rub on that itty bitty baby belly!!! And to hear what she was having, of course! They had a pinata filled with candy (pink for girl, blue for boy... obv.) and their dads  hit it. I thought that was a precious idea and those grandpa's got into it! After the 3rd swing, that thing busted open and out flew PINK candy!!!!! She is the first friend in Little Rock to have a girl, so I have a feeling she is going to be covered in the frills and bows department :) And boyfriends, although I have already staked a claim on that one for Cade (or Connor if she digs the older men..ha!). I am just so proud for them and cannot wait to celebrate that sweet baby girl come November!!!

Sunday after church, we headed back to mom's to eat lunch with mi familia. Chloe loved on Cade again and he just ate it up. 

After lunch, we made our last baby stop to meet Beau and Caleb. Well, and Dylan since we had never met them either. Beau is the sweet doll baby of Lindsey and Drew and Dylan and Caleb are Jonathan and Rachel's baby boys. (Yes, a 3 yr old is still a baby to their momma's! Right, Rachel?!) Dylan is 3 and Caleb is 10 months and they have almost the exact age difference that Connor and Cade have! I only took one picture while we were there and it is of Beau and Dylan. Dylan is SUCH a little lover and so good with babies! He just kept going around to everyone and giving them hugs and kisses. And he is so gentle, too. It is obvious he has a little brother (who isn't seen in the picture because brother is a mover and a shaker with that army crawl. I have seriously never seen someone so fast!!!)

Before this hug, Dylan was just sitting there talking to Beau and Beau was completely still and staring right at him soaking in every word. It was absolutely precious!!! Beau reminded me so much of Connor at that age (9 months). Jumping like crazy in your arms or the jumperoo! I told her that Connor is still a bundle of energy, but I think it attributes to him going to sleep so easily by himself! I'll take that any day!

I was so, so excited to get to see and love on all of these babies (and one still growing in her mommy's tummy!) that I have prayed so hard for and will continue to pray for. I am so thankful for the friendships we have there and the fact that they have remained unchanged even after going so many months without seeing each other. God put them all in our lives and I can see His hand over us all as our lives change so much. Every single time we leave Arkansas, Matt and I spend a majority of the ride home reflecting on how blessed we are that they are in our lives. I am already counting down the days until November and I can see them again!


Lana Summitt said...

This post was so precious and it made my heart sing with joy! We are all so blessed with our sweet babies! What a fun time! So thankful I got to see you and our precious family this weekend! Love you, friend!

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness...what a busy weekend you guys had!!! I'm so glad you were able to see so many wonderful friends and family and all of those sweet!!!!

Hope you've had a good week!!


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