Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shopping for my boys!

I shopped at my first consignment sale when Connor was 4 months old and was instantly hooked! Smocked items for $10 to $25??? Yes, please! At the next sale I volunteered enough so that I could shop early and I have been doing it ever since! This year I am working at 2 different sales and I shopped at the first one last week. I usually just focus at the clothes on this sale, but found a few other things as well. 
I was so excited about the Look and Find books. They have one of these at the Chick-Fil-A playgrounds and Connor loves it. Not to mention that they are Disney themed! They were only $4 each and the Tow Mater putting was $5. The whole pack of books at the top were $6. Makes Santa very happy :)

Speaking of Santa, I found a couple of longalls for Connor. Now I just want to find one that matches Cade! I also went ahead and got the brown gingham shortall since it so clearly was meant to be :)

I am mildly obsessed with the jean shirt and the little red shirt. The jean shirt is a crewcuts and it came with the red one for $6!

I always rack up on Polos. It was probably the most expensive, but a lot of them are 3Ts, so I'm hoping they will last longer. And the gray jeans? LOVE them!

Of course, I wasn't going to get little man anything but as I was walking by his size, I saw this and just had to get it. It is so soft and comfy!

So after taking these pictures, I realized I need a few more longalls and some button ups for church! I'll have to try to pick some up at the next sale. Either that or at some of the sites on facebook. I definitely still have to get some toys, too. 

Have y'all ever shopped at consignment sales?


Audra said...

Love all your finds! Especially love those long sleeved button up shirts.....you're gonna have some handsome boys come fall!

April said...

Great finds. Funny you posted this because I am planning to check out one of those big consignment sales in my area this weekend. I won't be able to shop early in the week so I will be there on the last day when stuff is marked down. Which is fine with me since I've never been to one and am not looking for anything in particular. We will see.


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