Monday, August 20, 2012

Big step!!!

I woke up Friday morning around 4 and felt like someone had literally just filled my sinuses with junk. My face felt swollen and it just...hurt. I got up and put a hot cloth on it, which helped me to fall back asleep. I also had plans to leave that night to go on an overnight ladies retreat with my church, so this sinus mess was NOT welcome! 
The only way I got relief was by wearing a heating pad on my shoulders and with a small rice bag secured on my forehead by a headband. HOT STUFF, let me tell you. Connor enjoyed my "hat" but couldn't understand why I kept putting it in the microwave. Love that kid more each day! 

I had some dread about leaving Cade in the days leading up to Friday and continuously kept coming up with reasons why I shouldn't go. Which actually made me know that God had big plans for this weekend. The cold didn't help matters, but I knew that I would probably rest more there than at home! ha! 

I had Cade's complete schedule written out for Matt and was pretty excited about him getting some one on one time with the boys. 

I spent Friday afternoon getting things cleaned up so that he would be able to start with a "clean plate" so to speak. I know how overwhelming it can get when the house is a wreck! Connor is going through a stage now that pretty much resembles a tornado. He stashes his toys everywhere! It all happens while I am nursing Cade, but I am really trying to cut out the TV. 

On a completely unrelated note, who is ready for some football?!?! WE ARE!!! These cooler temps we have been having are not helping, either! I cannot wait for chili and football all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The BIG questions is who Cade will cheer for?!?!
Although he looks pretty cute in that red, we all know he'll be in orange :) I'm ok with that. Connor asked me the other day where my Tennessee shirt was. Looks like I might be sporting some orange this fall, too :)

My time away went well (I'll share more on the actual retreat, later). As Matt said, "The boys not only survived. They thrived." HA! I had absolutely no worries about them, because they have a wonderful daddy. I was a bit worried about the condition my house would be in when I got back, but it looked great!!! I'm so blessed to have a man that will do that for me! 

Lastly, I leave you with Connor's new favorite thing to do. Dance. Brother loves to break it down!

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April said...

His dancing is too cute! Reminds me that I need to catch my little guy dancing too. Sorry to hear you were not feeling well but you are exactly right that you probably would rest more being away. I hope you had a great retreat.


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