Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We left Thursday evening to go to Sevierville, TN to Wilderness at the Smokies. We left a little later than expected and didn't get to the resort until 10 pm. We dropped our stuff on in the room and headed up to say hi to everyone real quick before going to bed. Connor was acting pretty shy and Cade was getting hungry, so we didn't stay long. Connor was so excited to sleep in his big boy bed (read: pallet on the floor!). He slept so well and didn't make a peep until 8:30 the next morning, which is huge for him! 

Little man slept well, too, and I actually had to wake him up to feed him. We ate breakfast and headed upstairs to the main room and figure out our plan for the day. It took Connor about 2 seconds of being around Corey to open up. I was sitting at the table eating oatmeal with Connor and Corey came to sit by him. Connor pointed to a box of cereal and asked what it was. Corey answered, "Cereal" and Connor died laughing. Corey then just started pointing to everything and naming it, all while Connor was throwing his head back howling with laughter. It made this momma's heart swell to see him having so much fun with his cousins! It was at that point that their relationship was sealed.  :) We all headed to our respective rooms to get our bathing suit on to go to the waterpark. On the way, I turned around to see this. Seriously? Melt my heart!

We got there and Connor bee lined to the wading pool. We had rented a canopy, which was perfect for the babies! I had Cade in a little outfit, but took it off pretty quickly so he wouldn't get too hot.

 Caroline was out for the count :) Do you not just die at her little strawberry bathing suit?! Not to mention those sweet cheeks and lips!!!

It started to look like it was going to storm, so we all packed up and headed back up to the rooms. By this point it was 2, so I knew it would be a good idea for Connor to rest also. I invited Corey and Natalie to come watch a movie with us, too, so I set out a pallet for them to lay on. I wasn't sure if we were going to go back to the pool, so I didn't give Connor a bath and just took his swimsuit off. Before Corey and Natalie got there, Cade hung out with him.

 Sweet Natalie laying down with Cade and sharing a lovie with him. He loved it! Isn't she just beautiful?! 

Corey and Connor watching Toy Story 2. Sweet Corey smiled for me. Connor, on the other hand was not interested. 

Once the grandparents (our parents) got into their presidential suite, we all headed down there to hang out. Connor and Corey played hide and seek and I was so surprised to see how much Connor understood. He would run around like crazy looking for the perfect spot and would even wait (most of the time) until he would hear Corey yell "ready" to go look for him. 

Cade got a little fussy since he didn't take a great afternoon nap, so Aunt April took one for the team and cuddled with him. She's such a trooper, huh?! ;)

After supper all of us young'ens went to get ice cream at the resort. There was also a case full of chocolate. Connor was adamant about getting this white chocolate rubber ducky. That silly thing cost $6 and he took about two bites! Lesson learned, little man!!!

After playing for a little while longer, we headed back to our room around 9ish to go to bed. Connor was exhausted and went into our room, pulled his sound machine by his pallet, turned it on and said, "Connor take a nap?" HA! I'd say day 1 was a huge success!!!

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the workaholic momma said...

Sounds like fun!!! There is just nothing better than being able to get away with family for some R&R:)


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