Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend and zoo fun

I did not get out my big camera one single time this weekend. My mom got here Thursday night and I just relaxed and hung out with her. It was nice for her to be here and not have any plans besides just enjoying our time! Connor was so cute when he woke up Friday morning. I was feeding Cade, so mom went in to get him out of his crib. He had to run back there to make sure I knew that MiMi was here :). Saturday was spent relaxing and watching the Olympics. Connor was mesmerized by the men's gymnastics and kept saying "Let's watch this man jump, first" when we told him it was time to go to bed. He is always telling me what he is going to do "first" before doing what I actually told him to do. It comes from me telling him that we are going to clean up toy a, first, before getting out toy b. It's just funny to hear it out of his mouth :)
Right after we took this picture, Connor and Matt started playing the "my mommy" game. They basically fight over who is hugging me all while saying "my mommy". It's easily one of my favorite games, but this time the game got better than I ever imagined. Connor pushed Matt's arms away from me and said, "But, Daddy! I love her!" Seriously. I teared up a little bit and melted. 

Out of the blue I showed Connor the Beauty and the Beast book I bought as soon as I found out I was pregnant with him (not knowing at the time whether he was a boy or girl). I figured it would be a while before he would want to read it since it was a chapter book and all. Oh no, brother had me read that book to him almost all afternoon yesterday and today. It was 100 pages!!! Some pages didn't even have pictures and he still sat still and listened. And even paid attention because he would talk about the characters he heard me reading about. I love that he loves to read!

Saturday night I made another batch of iced coffee. It had been 2 weeks since I had some at home and my mornings just weren't as good without it ;). I made the full batch this time (8 quarts), so I'm interested to see how long this lasts me. I only drink one glass a day since I am nursing, so hopefully it'll last a while!

This morning we had plans to go to the zoo with Rachel and Rowen. I have a huge problem with wanting Connor and Cade to match every time we go somewhere besides the grocery store. Oh, who am I kidding. I even want them to match then, too! The problem is I don't have a ton that matches right now. 
Connor was so excited that Cade's shirt had a yellow horse, too :) I think it's so obvious they are brothers in this picture!

Connor was very excited to see Rowen. He hadn't seen him in a few weeks and had been missing him! I think Rowen had been missing him, too, because he kept grabbing at Connor. I am going to love seeing them grow up together!!

Cade was in the best mood when we first got there. He had just woken up and was full of smiles and laughs!

 He got a little fussy towards the end because he was hungry, tired and hot. Bless. I wouldn't want to be in that car seat either! 

 After eating lunch, it was time to get our boy's home for their naps. When we got in the car, Connor said, "Mommy. Connor not sweeping (sleeping) in the car today." HA! I was ok with that because he is not transferable anymore. Thankfully he took a little nap. His little brother, on the other hand, did not. But that is for another day :) When Connor woke up he was ready to go. We danced. We sang. He told me to quit singing (HA!) and then he skated on the couch. I don't know where he saw anyone skating on a skateboard, but if it is flat and he can stand on it, he is going to pretend he is skating! 

When Matt got home, he took off with Connor to go fishing with D-daddy and BeBe. We always laugh because he literally sweats more than anybody (adults included) that I know! He was soaking wet when he got back! He was thrilled to get to take a bubble bath. He usually takes showers, so baths are somewhat rare for him!

I think Daddy does a better job than I do at fixing his hair. Every time we comb his hair he tells us who he wants to be. A basketball player, a hockey player, a baseball player, or a man :) Tonight he was a baseball player. Whatever keeps him still, right?!

Seriously, I die at the cuteness of his shirt tucked in. Love that kid!

I realized tonight as I was rocking Cade just how big he is getting. He is starting to try to intentionally grab things and put them in his mouth and it is just going so fast. I have been working really hard lately to just let the little things, like my messy house, go and just enjoy my babies. Along with that, I really want to try to blog almost every day. I already enjoy looking back at when Connor was little, so I know I will really enjoy it years down the road. So, hopefully you'll see more posts around these parts!!!

Lastly, I had to add this video. 

It cracks me up because Connor is my little parrot these days. I called Cade a stinker once because he kept rolling over when I was giving him tummy time. Now Connor gets excited for his tummy time just so he can call him a stinker. Oh, and at the end when Connor puts his face right up to the camera? Yeah, he was kissing it, but the video cut off. HA! Love my little loverboy!

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