Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can't handle all the excitement ;)

Goodness, y'all would just die at the excitement that went on around here today ;) 

Connor has chosen to wake up at 6:15 the past 2 days. NOT a good "iplan" if you ask me. A great one if you ask him. ::side note: forgive me if I have shared this, but instead of saying good idea or good plan, he says good iplan. Pure cuteness seeps out of him pretty much all the time!:: I have tried to put him in bed with me to rest a bit more, but he hasn't been having it. Today he actually laid there, but would only do so with his legs on top of me...kicking. Tried the TV, but nothing would work, so finally we rolled out of bed. I had to wake little man up to finish eating, and he was raring to go. He has turned into the happiest little thing! 

He happily sat in his swing while Connor and I ate breakfast. I know my life is going to change drastically here soon when I start feeding him breakfast, too. I don't know when I'm going to eat since I find myself feeding Connor more often than not. Totally my fault as it is easier now. It's not going to be easier here pretty soon! 

I know it is going to be one of those things I regret being chillaxed on when I have to feed them both. Let me note that he is fully capable of doing it himself (heck, he put his shirt on by himself tonight, so it's definitely not an ability thing), he is just as slow as molasses when he does it! Plus, why would you if someone did all the hard work for you?

Connor is big into games right now. One of his favorites is Thomas the Train Memory game that he got for Christmas. While he was working on figuring out the matches, little brother started doing something new.

He stuck his tongue out so much today! If you are new around here, you probably don't know that we got his tongue clipped when he was 2 weeks old because he could barely lift it up. Seeing that sweet little tongue come out of his mouth all day made me so, so happy that we did it!

I'm pretty astounded, although I shouldn't be at this point, at how well Connor does with this game. I only put 6 cards out there at a time, but he is getting better and better at playing it. I SO wish I had that memory, but he got that from his daddy! 

Celebrating his matches. I hope he always celebrates the small things and sees me celebrating the small things with him!
Before lunch we got crazy and headed to the bank and bread store. For $4.62 I got 4 loaves of bread and 2 bags of bagels. All Sara Lee brand. Not bad!! I pop them in the freezer and just take them out as I need them. With all the calories I am burning nursing, I eat a bagel every morning for breakfast. 

When we got back Connor decided to catch up on some Southern Living and Golf Digest. He was just "reading" away. He cracks me up with his little imagination!

So a lot of people are going back and forth on whether or not the boys look alike. I definitely think they each have their own characteristics, but still favor so much! Just not as often, if that makes sense! I did think the picture today reminded me a lot of Connor. 
I know this much.. they both have kissable cheeks that I kiss ALL THE TIME! 

Leaving you with yet another video tonight. This is a perfect example of the thing I would normally get onto Connor for and yet Cade laughs at him. Go figure ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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Libby! said...

I'm so glad he loves his Thomas game!!! I knew that in time... it would be fun. How sweet.


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