Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 months old!

My sweet little Cade, 

In some ways I can't believe you are already 3 months old, but in other ways I can. You have changed completely this past month. You are the happiest little thing and have got yourself into a little schedule quite nicely!
We had to go to the doctor 2 weeks ago for thrush and you weighed 13.5 lbs, which was almost up 1 lb from 2 weeks before. You are going to be a big boy! This is what your schedule looks like on a normal day:
7 am: Wake up and eat. I usually have to wake you up if you woke up throughout the night. If not, you usually wake up around 6:45 or so.
9 am-9:45am: 1st nap. Usually, you are drowsy enough that I can just lay you down. Sometimes we rock if big brother allows it! 
10:45am: eat 
12pm-2:15pm: nap. We have had a few days where you wake up after an hr or so and just want to sleep in my arms. I'm ok with that ;) Stressed me out when Connor did it.. not so much this time! 
2:15pm: eat
4pm: never fails that you are ready for a little 15 to 20 minute nap around this time. I am trying so hard to get you out of it, but it is SO hard!!!
5:30pm: eat on one side. The book I used for Connor's schedule, and am now using for you, says that you should be able to go until 6:15. Not happening anytime soon!
6:30pm: eat on the other side. Here is where it gets a little hairy and why I am trying to cut out that late afternoon nap... If I let you take more than a 15 minute nap, you will not go to sleep..unless you are in my arms. A few times it has taken 3 hours with me eventually just having to lay you down and let you cry a little. It only took 5 minutes, but oh me. It felt like 45!!! I could tell that you were going to go back to sleep by the way you were crying, otherwise I would not had been able to do it. 
10:30: I wake you up to eat and you go right back to sleep!

For the most part, you will go until 6 or so without waking up. You have gone until 7 twice!!!!! In between all those naps and eating, you love to play on your playmat. I had about given up on you liking it, but once you started noticing toys (and not getting over stimulated by them), you loved it! It's so cute to see you reach your hand out trying to grab them. I love seeing that determination on your face!

Your favorite thing, though, is being talked to. Especially by women and your brother :). About the only male voice you really respond to is your daddy's. You have laughed a few times and are soooo ticklish! Last Wednesday night at church you found a "friend" in one of the ladies in our class and would just stare at her until she looked at you. As soon as she would your whole face would light up! You had everyone cracking up!

You chew on your hands all.the.time! To the point that I have checked numerous times for teeth, but there aren't any in there. Most of the time you prefer your hands over your paci if you just want to suck. If that little thumb wasn't tucked, I bet you'd love that!

 You are SO strong. As soon as I put you down for tummy time, you are automatically pushing up and rolling over. You don't do it every time, but pretty frequently! 

 I already mentioned that you love being talked to, and I love to talk to you after I change your diaper. You will look me right in the eye and just coo at me. Your eyes absolutely twinkle and it is something I don't think I'll ever forget about this time. I feel like you are telling me you love me, too :)

Speaking of cooing, you talk all the time! Connor loves to hear you do it and will run across the house to talk back to you. He'll say "I know, I know","Talk about it, baby Cade" and forms of other things he hears me say to you. You do all sorts of different noises and gurgles. I have tried many times to record it, but once you see that crazy cover I have on it (I use my ipod and have a chevron cover), you are focused on it. 

Your brother is still your biggest fan. He is always wanting to hold you, take pictures with you, brings toys to you, talks to you and the kisses. Oh the kisses are endless! We took him on a date with mommy and daddy and he was actually a little sad you weren't coming! You love him, too. I start to get onto him for some of the things he does to you and before I do, I look at you to find you just smiling like crazy. I love the bond you two already have and can't wait to see it grow each month! 

Sweet boy, you have enriched our lives so much. I love you from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes and back to that sweet little vein going down the middle of that button nose that I love to kiss so much! It is truly a blessing to be your mommy!!


Anonymous said...

Those are two cute little guys!

Happy 3 months to your baby!

the workaholic momma said...

aawww...I just love the pics of Cade and Connor together...they are the cutest little pair:) Happy 3 month birthday, Cade!!

Lyndsey H said...

His coos won me over tonight! I can't believe how big he is getting. So sweet

Kelly said...

He has changed so much! Sweet boy!


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