Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday/Memorial Day

I love that my birthday pretty much always falls right around Memorial Day. No better present than having my man home for an extra day! I swear if I could have any wish in the world it would be for him to get to stay home with us! 

He woke up the morning of my birthday and made a delicious breakfast. This is no small feat on a Sunday morning! He made scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon in them and cinnamon sugar toast on homemade bread. YUM!

 Since my mom was here, Matt and I headed out to do some shopping after church. Cade went with us, but we still got to have conversations with each other that just don't happen with Connor. He likes to talk just a little ;). We went to Jason's Deli first. I love that place and so wish we had one here. 

This little one slept the entire time. I could just eat up those cheeks and pursed lips!

Afterwards, I went to Fleet Feet to get fitted for some shoes. I felt like a complete idiot running down the sidewalk, but so far it has been worth it!

The shorts I had picked up the day before at the Nike Outlet. I'm a little obsessed with having cute running clothes right now!

One of my favorite things about where we live is being able to look outside and see nothing behind us but God's beautiful creation (or the neighbors dogs using OUR yard as their chosen place to relieve themselves, but that is a whole other post). My iPod does not do this beautiful sunset justice, but it was the perfect ending to my birthday!

To celebrate Memorial Day, we headed over to Billy and Becky's to eat supper with the whole fam. I was so excited to put the boys in their matching shirts my friend Lauren made them. I was even more excited when I was able to get a good picture of them in it!!!

April and Josh had just gotten home from a mission trip to Moldova and was very excited to see their nephews. Josh hadn't seen Cade since we were in the hospital, so he had changed quite a bit since then.

Connor loves going to BeBe and D-daddy's house and riding in this golf cart is for sure one of the reasons! Kyle and Libby were happy to oblige! 

Sweet Rowen in the pool. He was so intent on catching that water!

Brent holding Cade. I'm sure Rowen feels huge now after holding a newborn!! 

 As usual, we had a nice time just relaxing and hanging out with family. I always feel so refreshed after leaving their house. I so look forward to moving out in the "country" one day!!


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the plaid sparrow said...

AW! I just stumbled across your blog and oh-so happy that I did! The photos in this post are so stinkin' cute. :)
I hope you are having a wonderful week.
much love, Colie.


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