Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm pretty sure we traumatized Connor by making him stand by the Easter bunny. He has asked "big bunny home?" at least 50 times since Sunday. It's the first thing he asks when we get in the car, too. It's like he is checking to make sure it isn't going to be where we are headed! And, of course, when I told him that we were going to church tonight the first thing he said was "big bunny in big chair go bye bye?" Finally when I was rocking him tonight, he had his eyes closed, but fluttered them open and asked again if he was gone. Bless him. Hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around he will be more adjusted to the idea!

I had to run to the grocery store yesterday to grab a couple of items and I saw the mini carts and decided to let him take one. It was a risk as I wasn't sure if he would avoid things or intentionally run into them to "crash". You never know with him!

He actually did really well! Went a little fast sometimes, but never ran into anything. He was on a mission!
Today was a long day. Wednesdays are always a little rough trying to get us ready, get supper cooked and get to church by 6. That and it totally stresses me out to have a messy kitchen while I cook and it is something that I can't seem to avoid on these days. That and I have a sweet little toddler that seems to realize that while I am cooking I can't give him my attention, which means he thinks he needs 110% of it ;) Bottom line is we ate and made it to church. Not to mention that Connor ate it up like it was the best thing in the world and it had asparagus, yellow bell peppers and broccoli in it. I'll consider that a huge success any day!

We talked about joy tonight in class and that is definitely not a fruit I portrayed while cooking. In fact, I'm not sure I portrayed any of them this afternoon and that is a tough pill to swallow! All I can do is ask for forgiveness and the strength to not let it happen again. Thankfully that is what God is all about! Here's to a new day!

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