Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our little boy is TWO!

It is hard to know where to start when talking about our little love right now. I think the thing that jumps to mind quickly is his love for life. He has a joy about him that absolutely exudes from his body and I pray that is something that never changes. My hope for myself, as his mommy, is that I always encourage that joy in ALL circumstances. I never knew how much my heart could grow in these past two years and I know that it is just going to keep on growing. As much as I want to freeze time (and sometimes go back!), I so look forward to what the future is going to bring!

At the age of 2, Connor:

*loves being outside. Still isn't crazy about getting dirty, but that is getting better.

*very independent. I hear "I do it" or "Connor do it" about 57482973 times a day.

*will ask for something and when you repeat it to make sure you know what he is saying, he will answer "YEAH!" like it was your idea and he is accepting. He usually does this when he knows it is something he probably isn't going to be allowed to do!

*loves Lion King, Toy Story, Cars and Nemo, along with all of the characters in them.

*Very interested in what people are doing. "Mommy doin?" in the most country twang, of course.

*talks all the time and has started repeating what he hears!! I can pretty much hold conversations with him, but that is because I know everything he is saying!

*his imagination has really blossomed in the past few weeks. He will fly airplanes around the house making the noises and the last time we were at the grocery store he had two of his Little People construction men with him, whom he calls boys. Every time we would turn a corner, he would say "Hold on boys!" and then make me say it :)

*still loves all sports and knows the difference between them all

*starting to remember things after telling him only once or twice...which also means if you promise him something, you better follow through!

*sleeps with 10 stuffed animals and a blanket. I know it is outrageous!

*loves ring around the rosie

*wants me to sing to him at night, but only the song he chooses :)

*jumps with both feet off the ground and does it all.the.time. He also likes to put an object down on the ground and jump over it. Followed by an, "I DID IT!"

*is still a momma's boy, but gets so excited to see daddy walk through the door. One of his favorite things to do is play on "daddy's bed" with cars. They roll his cars one by one down my wedge pillow. He has one creative daddy!

*absolute favorite foods are fruit, most vegetables, pizza and macaroni. He'll pretty much eat whatever we are eating, but those are his favorite. He does well with utensils, but still struggles with things like spaghetti. His main problem is he gets frustrated if it doesn't work the first time :)

*riding his bike is one of his favorite things to do

*loves to do puzzles and is really good at them!

*might be a little ocd like his mommy! When it is just us at home he will, for the most part, want things picked up. When people that aren't here all the time are over, he likes to drag everything out so he can show them his toys.

*has started telling me "no like it" before he'll even try it in regards to food. He'll also tell me "like it".

*knows his alphabet and knows that C is for Connor. When he sees his name spelled out, he knows that is what it spells.

*knows all of his colors. Still gets navy blue confused with black, though.

*can recognize numbers as well. When counting, he wants to skip 2 and 4.

*knows/recognizes all of his shapes

*loves animals.. but just looking at them. Besides Birdie and Bogey. He loves to be in complete contact with them :) He has all of these animals that momma got him, so he knows a ridiculous amount of them because of that. Our FAVORITE right now is rhinoceras, which he calls ry- saw-sas. I'll have to get it on video soon!

I know I'm forgetting some things. He seriously never stops moving, so it is hard to remember everything on the spot! We had his birthday party this past Saturday, so I'll have to blog about that next! He had a great time and everything went really well! I had planned on blogging about it by now, but have been recovering from preparing for it! haha

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