Friday, March 16, 2012

Connor's 2nd birthday

I have been working on this post for about 3 days now! I just have had so much more to do and haven't had time to sit down and type all this out. I knew it would take a long time because there are quite a few pictures.

Last year on Connor's birthday I was sick. And by sick, I mean couldn't get out of bed without feeling like I was going to throw up, sick. Like, I haven't felt this bad since I was pregnant, sick. I was not, in fact, pregnant, but it was just my birth control messing with me. This year I vowed that 1) I would have everything but the decorating done by the day of the party and 2)I would not get sick!!! ha! While I did accomplish both, Cade gave us a little "scare" and had to rest on the couch while I directed Matt and Pam where to go with the decor. Needless to say, that was pretty tough for me (I don't deal well with letting others help. Something I know I need to work on!), but they did a good job listening :)

I did ignore their demand of lying on the couch to get up and take some pictures. I didn't get very many great ones because I was trying to hurry before I got into too much trouble!
I'm sad that this picture only had one of the fire truck cupcake toppers in it. They were my favorite!!!

Oh, the cake. The poor little cake. It stuck to the top of my cake carrier. Someone asked if Connor got into it, and I wish that would have been the case. Much better story! haha! Surprisingly, I didn't get upset about it, because what can you do? It still tasted pretty good, if I do say so myself ;)
Coloring table for the kids.
Drink/fruit station. This was my favorite table. So colorful! I will put a link on the bottom of the post for the Raspberry Lemonade. It was all gone at the end of the party and it was so good I made some more the next day. I found it on Pinterest, of course!
I was so excited about my water bottle labels! I just used some extra cupcake toppers and glued them to ribbon. Easy peasy and spruced up some otherwise boring bottles!
As long as we are having birthday parties for our kids, you can guarantee BeBe's oreo truffles will be there! They are SO yummy and always a huge hit! Gammie picked up the fruit from Costco for me. They have the best fruit! And so much cheaper!
Our little family with the big 2 year old. He was thrilled to be taking these pictures!
The main reason we had the party at our church was because it is connected to the basketball gym. I knew the kids would love it, and most importantly, Connor would!
I didn't get a picture of all the kids there, but this is sweet little Hudson! Isn't he adorable?!
And at the ripe age of 2 months old, our youngest guest, Josie!!! Do you not just want to kiss those cheeks all over?! I got to for a few minutes the other night, but she wasn't a huge fan of me...yet ;)
Rowen!!! I tried and tried to get him to smile at me, but to no avail. I called his momma over and she just said his name and this is how he responded. I love Momma's boys!!!!
I was so proud of Connor's outfit (credit at bottom). It turned out even better than I envisioned!
Grant apparently loved the firetruck boxes I made for everyone to play with. He "wore" it the entire party! He even sat down with it around him. Cracked me up!
They all had fire truck hats to wear, too.

Singing Happy Birthday to him. He had been asking us to sing it to him all week, so he definitely understood what it meant. His teacher at school told me he got embarrassed when they sang it there.
And this time was no different! Love my shy little boy!!!

He hasn't quite mastered blowing things out like his buddy, William. It is so cute to see him try, though!
Of course, he wanted no cake. All he wanted was juice (raspberry lemonade) and to open presents. While everyone else opened cake, he waited on the couch. There is no doubt he understands what presents are this year!
His expressions were great throughout the entire time. He would gasp and get excited about everything!

He was so blessed with all of his presents and the sweetest thing was when I told him to tell everyone Thank You and he did it! I'm not sure anyone could actually hear what he said, but the point is that he said it!

Afterwards, it was back to playing in the gym. I can definitely say that he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday, which made me so happy.
I have no idea what this face is all about, but it is so typical!!
I, of course, didn't get a picture of the front door signs I had. I went to Wal Mart and bought a red hose and had it hanging from a wreath hanger with a sign I had made attached to it. It was very simple, but still pretty cute. Like I said, Connor had a blast and that is all that matters!!!

cupcake toppers (she also made an adorable matching invitation and welcome sign): Lifelines Desins by dyhale
fire truck shirt with matching seersucker shorts: Pumpkin Butter Kids
striped straws seen by water bottles: Dime Store Buddy

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Ah! He looks so cute!!! And his face when he opened that present. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!


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