Friday, February 24, 2012

Beautiful day and input needed!

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day! We left Mother's Day Out about an hour later than normal because I stayed to do some work. As soon as I walked outside I wished I hadn't! It was 78 and breezy. The perfect day, if you ask me! Connor was not ready to leave "Mrs. Noneen's house" (Mrs. Colleen is his teacher), as he calls school. I asked him if he wanted to play on his playground when he got home and he basically ran to the car. I feel ya, buddy!

It was so nice outside that we were able to put on short sleeves. It made me so ready for Spring and Summer.

The only thing I wasn't prepared for was my allergies. I started sneezing like crazy about 10 minutes after being out there. If this is any indication of what is to come, I am in trouble! I have never had problems with allergies, but I've always heard Tennessee is really bad for them. You would think that I would have experienced that after being here for 6 years, but nothing like yesterday. Hopefully it was just a fluke.
We played basketball, golf, football, and baseball. After all the balls were out in the yard, he was smart enough to grab his little dump truck and throw them in there to clean up. He has started singing the clean up song when he is doing it and it cracks me up. In fact, he has been doing some more singing lately, which I will share more about later.
We observed "dis" and "dat" and a very curious 2 year old wanted to know what it all was.
I heard a lot of "Oh, dat, Mommy?" and "show me" which is what he says when he wants to show me something. (he got that from me saying it to him when I couldn't understand what he was talking about. So now if I don't understand what he says the first time, he holds out his hand for me to take me to it :) )
We took a little bike ride down the road and he did really well. He was trying to reach the pedals, but couldn't quite get his feet to go all the way around. It won't be long, I imagine. He got very brave on our little road and held his feet up, which was about a brisk walk for me. He did not want my help at all, so I was wondering how going back up the hill would go. After a few minutes of "Tonnor do it", he was saying, "Heavy, Mommy!" and grunting. So I started pushing and he was ok with it. Cade wasn't, but I'm sure that won't be the first time he isn't ok with something his big brother does! My neighbor pulled up as I was completely bent over pushing him up the hill. Bless him. That probably wasn't what he wanted to see when he got home! HA! As soon as we got back to the house I think I sneezed about 20 times in a row and decided to head inside. Please, Lord, don't let this be a sign of what's to come!
Now I am going to share a video of Connor on the slide...mainly for the grandparents. Although I do love that I got many "Hold you, Mommy" 's on there :)

Now, a completely random question. I have been trying to decide whether to print off all of our pictures or to make picture books (Shutterfly or something like it). My hesitation with the books is that it won't be the actual picture and the quality won't be as bright. I want to do it because they take up so little space! I have got to decide something as it is driving me crazy to not have all of our pictures printed off! I don't have anything printed past 10 months. EEK! So, what do you do? Input very much appreciated!!!


Ali said...

Hey girl! Love reading your blog! Our lives are soo similar!! I would say go for photo books!! I have done smaller ones for walkers birthdays and a baby one! Also just did a large one for the whole year of 2011 and LOVE it!! My pictures are really good quality! I used shutterfly, but I have seen people do books on and there pics are also really good quality!! Hope that helps! And yes, less space and so easy to do!!!!:)

Courtney Steele said...

Shutterfly all the way. I make 9x9" (I think that's the size.) books for all of our vacations and big moments. So they are all the same size. Uniformity makes me happy. The quality is great unless you try to make a poor quality picture to start with super big, but if they are your own photos and not scalped off of facebook they should be fine. You can get great deals on shutterfly books...groupon like coupons, 30-40% off is also common.


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