Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hide & Seek, Vent

One of Connor's favorite things right now is to play hide & seek. If I can't find him and he isn't responding to me, then I know he is hiding. Now granted, his hiding is just covering his face most of the time. Or behind the door, or as you will see in a minute, his favorite spot under the table.

A few weeks ago I came home from a bible study and I couldn't find Matt and Connor or hear them. I started to get a little nervous until I went into the bedroom and saw this.

I loved seeing those little toes under that pillow!!

The funniest thing about all of this is he will stay there for a good 2 minutes, which is a lot for a 21 month old! And sometimes you have to remove whatever is covering him and he is so excited to say BOO!

His other favorite spot is under the table. That is his spot to use the bathroom (lovely, I know) and the other day I told him to quit picking his nose, so he went under the table to do it. I died laughing! He will also run under there when I want him to do something he doesn't want to do. And then other times he will say, "Mommy? Peep Pie?" and run under there. This is actually my first place to try to find him when I can't :)

Monday morning when we were getting ready to leave to take him to school he wasn't coming to the door, which is unlike him. Matt headed back to the bedroom and found him like this!
The funniest part about it is when we would leave the room he would peek out from underneath the sheets, but as soon as he saw us or heard us coming, he would throw his head back underneath them real quick. Love this boy!

Lastly, he knows that as soon as I empty out the hamper to do laundry that it is time for a ride. I put him in the hamper and drag him through the house back to our bedroom. Then when we get there, he wants to hide. He has just recently started being quiet while he hides, so this video is when he didn't get the concept of being quiet.

I love this stage and the interaction that comes with it. He keeps me on my toes, that is for sure!!!!

Ok, now I need to vent and if anyone has some advice/encouragement PLEASE share! In the past month or so he has completely quit eating like he used to. Not only does he not eat as much as he used to, but most of the time I have to feed him! His teacher at school has to feed him as well. (note, I did not ask her to do this.. she just does.) I just reached my limit this morning and am so fed up! The boy who used to eat 3 eggs took 2 bites this morning and was done. He will also make himself gag, which has caused him to throw up twice. I just don't get it! We eat at the table together, so it's not like he is distracted from the TV or anything like that. I am eating too, so that isn't the issue. The ONLY thing I can think of is that he definitely has some drainage, so maybe that could be affecting it??? I don't know. I just keep telling myself that in a few years I will be busting my tail to keep him full, but it hasn't made it any easier. I guess I just need to pray that he continues to gain weight and not lose any! With that said, like stated earlier, if anyone has any tips/advice.. bring it on!!!


Kayla and Aaron said...

Kelli! I feel your pain. Madelyn went through a stage where she wasn't eating as much and I was super concerned and frustrated but our doctor and our teachers at her school said that is was completely normal and they tend to just go in stages. We never had to feed her but I totally understand. She still is eating lighter than she did but it has defiantly improved. Ugh, and for a couple of months or so she would shove her fist into her mouth or her fingers to gag herself. She thought it was hilarious and it drove me nuts! I just got on to her every time she did it and eventually she just stopped. Its like they learned something new and have to test it out until its not new anymore. Also, I read that lots of toddlers do it and just grow out of it. Luckily she never threw up but its really annoying...especially when they do it in public! I think Maddy only has a month on Connor but I promise they are stages and he will start to eat better!

Libby! said...

funniest. video. ever. period.

Lilly Grace said...

This video made me laugh my head off! He is the cutest boy ever!


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