Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I still don't think I have quite recovered from Thanksgiving! In fact, as I write this my eyes are begging to shut. The thing is, I feel worse if I take a nap! Weird, I know!

This year, we had 3 Thanksgiving celebrations. The first one was with Matt's dad's side of the family, which meant baby ROWEN was there!!! I was so excited to get to hold him I could barely stand it! He was asleep when I got there, so we got some serious cuddling in :)

After a wonderful dinner, his daddy decided that he needed some tummy time. He liked it about as much as his cousin, Connor, used to!
It's so funny because usually when a baby cries Connor is very concerned about it. This time he paid no attention. I think someone is going to struggle with losing the complete attention of his Granddaddy and BeBe! We did get him to pat Rowen, but as you can see it was a bit coerced ;)

BeBe and her two grandsons! She bought those matching shirts as soon as she found out Rowen was a boy! So cute!
We kept trying to show Connor Rowen's tiny little foot and he was not impressed. It makes me VERY curious to see how he reacts to his own little brother!! I know as soon as Rowen starts making more noise and moving around a little Connor will think he is the coolest thing on earth. He already calls him "My Rowen, or Ni Nowen", which I just think is so sweet!

Seriously? I could just eat him up!!!

The next day we had lunch with Matt's mom's side of the family and I completely forgot my camera. We were in a rush to get out the door and I left it sitting on the table. As usual, we had a big spread of food and I figured out pretty quickly that I cannot eat as much as I used to. Already no room! I felt STUFFED! Literally! It was all so good, and we all decided the best macaroni yet ;). I hope you remember that recipe, Nana, because we have talked about it since then! In fact, we might or might not have fought over who got the leftovers of it! (we ended up splitting. Gotta show that sharing is nice and all!)

For actual Thanksgiving Day we headed to Arkansas to celebrate with my family. We alternate years and this was the Arkansas year. We had Thanksgiving Day with my mom and her side of the family on Thursday night. We had so much food and it was all soooo good. It was a lot of not good for you casseroles and I loved it! I have decided I could eat corn casserole at least once a week!

The kids had such a good time, but I could tell Connor wasn't acting himself. Little did I know what was to come!

Friday we headed over to my dad's house to celebrate with him AND watch the Arkansas-LSU game.

Of course, I had Connor in an Arkansas shirt to support the Hogs. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but we are still VERY proud of our Hogs!

Connor had not been eating very well lately and lunch wasn't any different. I didn't force it because I knew he would eat eventually. Well, when he woke up screaming from his nap I went in to find he had thrown up in his bed. He was so confused and it about broke my heart. He continued to throw up for 4 more hours every 30 minutes on the dot. It was AWFUL. His instinct was to bury his head in my chest when he did it, so needless to say I went through 3 outfits in less than 1 1/2 hrs. Finally I resorted to holding him over the sink in the bathroom and he would look at me like I had betrayed him. He finally got over it and was slowly recovering after that.

Since he hadn't gotten sick in 12 hours and was acting better, Matt and I decided to head out on Saturday and hang out with our friends. I was so sad I couldn't bring Connor with us, but I knew he needed to rest and not spread any germs. We had such a good time catching up with everyone and it always makes it harder to leave Arkansas after we spend time with them! Unfortunately, I caught what Connor had Saturday night and spent all night sick. Once it got to the point of having nothing left to throw up, Mom made me call the dr. Off to the ER I went to get some fluids. Thankfully, I don't think I ever got close to the point of dehydration, but it was better safe than sorry. We decided to head home a little bit after the hospital because I just wanted to be in my own house. It was a long drive, but I made it without getting sick. I am so glad our car has the dual temperatures, because Matt had his set on 80 and mine was set on 60 right on my face! HA! That will likely never happen again! Matt has yet to contact the nastiness, so hopefully he has avoided it. It was our first stomach virus with little man, and it was pretty rough. I had many "I'm about to lose it (crying)" moments, but held it together ok. So all in all, not exactly how we had things planned, but just so glad Connor got better before he got dehydrated. More than anything I am just so thankful that he has gone this long without getting sick. I am not blind to the fact that we are very blessed for that!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed time spent with family and friends!

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the workaholic momma said...

oh goodness - I'm so sorry y'all had to deal with the dreaded stomach bug but I'm glad you guys are all on the mend!!

What a busy Thanksgiving...little Rowen is too cute:)


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