Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playdate with Claire!

Last week my friend, Chesley , asked me if I could keep her sweet little girl Claire for her while she had a session. I was excited, because 1) I think Claire is adorable and 2) I knew Connor would be SO excited! As soon as we rang the doorbell I heard her little feet running across the room to open the door for us. I think she was just as excited for us to be there :)

Seriously? Aren't they too cute for words?!

I asked Claire if she wanted to go to the library for story time and she did, so off we went. She helped me walk Connor in and I just about died at the sweetness of seeing them holding hands. So precious! (Don't you just love how Connor's white hair blinds your eyes, even through the picture?! ha)

He did about as good as I expected. He would run over to the wall behind us and just stand there waiting for me to look at him.

And as soon as I did, he would take off towards me. Thankfully, we were in the back of the circle, so he wasn't really disturbing anyone.

All the while, sweet little Claire just sat there so quietly listening to the story. Everytime I would have to get up to go chase Connor she would just laugh and stay in her spot. Such a difference from my wild man!

He finally participated when they brought the musical instruments out. I think he remembered using them from the music class he took last spring.
Shortly after, Angie and her cuties, William and Sophie, showed up. It was so funny because Sophie ran up to Claire to give her a hug and Connor walked over there like he was waiting for his hug too. HA! He sure does love his Sophie!

They had a great time playing on the chairs and couches. There's William, Connor's little twin friend!
He was SO proud of the stamps he got. Everytime you would ask him where his stamps are he would look at his hands with such pride. It was adorable!!

I tried to get a picture of all 4 of them together, but it was pretty impossible! I was glad we went, though, because we will go back. I mean, obviously, he had a good time :)

Hopefully we'll get to keep Claire again, because we had a great time!


the workaholic momma said...

Oh my - SO cute!!!! I'm glad y'all had such a great time and Connor and Claire together is TOO sweet:)

chesley said...

she's yours anytime & she LOVED being with you!! i so hope you have a girl :)!!


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