Monday, September 19, 2011

My real, live Ken doll!

I never really played with Barbies when I was little. Not that I remember, anyway. What I do remember is that my bottom drawer in my dresser was full of tangled haired Barbies. Which leads me to believe I didn't care much for them. Little did I know that one day I would have my own little Ken doll to dress up everyday. Seriously, 2 years ago, when the ultrasound tech told us we were having a boy I never dreamed how much fun I would have dressing him! Lately it has been more of a little man look, but I still have those sweet outfits saved up for this winter :) I have to take advantage of it while Matt will still let me!

He had such a good day at school today! I was excited for him to get to go again and when we got out of the car all he could talk about was going to "cass".

When I walked into the church I saw Sophie and Claire and they wanted to go with me to get Connor. I know it's probably silly, but I love how much these girls love my boy! Needless to say, with them with me I had no problems getting him to leave class today! ha! The first thing I noticed when I saw him was his crazy hair.

Someone took a good nap! I still can't believe he sleeps on those cots! I got his folder out as soon as I got in the car because I was so excited to see what they did today. One of the crafts that was in there, I actually saw them doing this morning. After I dropped him off I ran back out to the car to bring some more diapers in. When I got back they were all sitting at the table working on putting the small circle stickers inside of one big circle. A couple of the kids were still crying, but Connor was hard at work with his stickers :) I kissed him bye and watched him out in the hallway for a minute. It amazes me that he is big enough to sit at that table, in a big chair, and "work" on something. It's now proudly hanging on our fridge.

I told Matt that I am going to have a hard time ever throwing anything away! I'm sure I'll change my mind when they start piling up like crazy. It's not going to help that he is pretty proud of his work as well.
Little does he know just HOW proud of him I am too :)

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Angie said...

haha, I remember changing Sophie like 5 times a day just to see her in all her cute outfits. So fun! And she and Claire love that little boy to pieces. We all do. :-)


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