Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Mee up"

Whew, we have been busy! We were gone most of the day Tuesday. He had his 18 month checkup (everything looked great.. 50% across the board) and had his last immunization shot until Kindergarten!!! He also got the flu shot. I was worried it was a little too early to get it, but the nurse said it wasn't, so I hope she is right. He didn't do too bad with his shots. Pam was with us, and I think it was harder on her than it was him..ha. I have seen him do much worse. There was no silent screaming, which is always a win in my book!

He woke up Wednesday morning with a runny nose and a temp of 101, so yesterday included a LOT of cuddling, which is always ok with me! We pretty much didn't leave the couch all day yesterday. Since he had a fever within the past 24 hours of school starting today, he didn't get to go. I was actually sad for him, because I know he would have enjoyed being there.

The high's today have been in the 60's, but once the sun came out it felt great outside. After a quick trip to the grocery store, we stayed outside for a bit to enjoy it. I love his big boy outfit. I guess I shoud quit blaming his outfits for making him look like a big boy and just realize that he is one!

The shoes he has on are his favorites. And once he puts them on, he never wants to take them off.
They are still a little big for him and fall off a lot, but I know he likes them because they are loud when he stomps walks.

Lately he has become obsessed with "mee up" which means clean up. He especially likes to do it riiiight before bedtime. Can we say stall tactic?! He also likes to do it right before we leave to go somewhere. The funniest part of it, to me, is that he has to tell me that is what he is doing. I heard him say just as we were getting ready to walk out the door the other day and I saw him carrying my shoes down the hallway. I went to see where he would put them (because the child hides things sometimes!) and this is what I found:

He had lined them up right inside our door all nice and neat. That is my son!

While we were making up our bed a few days ago, he noticed a pair of socks on the floor. He said "mee up" and threw them in my closet. He wasn't able to open the door all the way because of the pillows blocking it. As soon as I finished making the bed, I noticed he instantly went into the closet, so I went to see what he did.How funny is that?! It bothered him that they were just laying on the floor.

Hopefully this will continue and he will be clean like his mommy! So, to his future wife, you are welcome!!!!

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