Monday, August 29, 2011


Oh how I loved this weekend. It was a whole lot of laying around, which is just what I needed. We have been out of town a lot this summer!

I mentioned Friday that we were going to see The Help. I am going to agree with everyone else in the blogosphere and say it was great! Definitely one of the best "book" movies I've ever seen. Matt even enjoyed it :)

Besides going to a shower for April on Saturday, we did nothing. And that nothing was fabulous! April did come over to play with Connor for a little bit and while she was here we finally picked out Connor's pants for her wedding. He is wearing grey dress pants and I have looked EVERYWHERE for them. She pretty much made me buy them because I was having commitment issues. I just didn't want to get them in and them not be what she wanted. Now I just hope they actually come in!

It was so good to be at our church on Sunday. I had missed it and missed being in our class. I was so excited about the series we are doing right now and have missed over half of it!

After church we went to eat at Los Compadres. You really can't beat their Sunday buffet! It's so funny to me that I didn't come to love Mexican food until after Matt and I got together. It's a good thing I learned, because he loves it a lot more than the average person.

Connor was so exhausted and fell asleep while I was changing his diaper, so I took that as a good sign to take a nap. There really is nothing better than crawling in bed for a Sunday afternoon nap. Matt and I slept just as long as Connor did and it was so good!

After we woke up, we packed up and headed to Goodwill and the grocery store. I am working on a project with chalkboard spray paint and I needed something for it from goodwill. Have y'all ever used the chalkboard spray paint? I sprayed the surface twice and the chalk still isn't showing up very well. I guess that it was I get for $3.

So. Exciting weekend, huh? Today I worked my rear end off on some finishing touches in Connor's room and I really hope to show it off on Wednesday.. or Thursday, but hopefully no later than Friday :)

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Jennifer said...

I've read that you have to "temper" the chalkboard by rubbing your chalk all over the surface, then wiping clean. Hope that helps! :)


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