Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun with beans

I have seen a ton of people do cute indoor activites with their kids that were sensory related, but never thought I could handle the mess. Most people used rice, until I saw Ashley using dried beans. It was great! He had a good time using the measuring cup and was very proud of himself when he learned how to turn it over to dump it out. He got a little frustrated when he couldn't scoop them up very quickly (this child lacks patience), but we are working on that :)

Oh my gosh, he just looks so BIG to me!

What cracked me up the most was if one fell on the ground he would say "mee uk" (clean up) and put it in the container! I so hope he stays like that!

He started doing the sweetest thing yesterday. He started calling me Mommy!!! It just melts my heart everytime I hear it!

I am sitting outside while I write this and Connor is playing an array of sports around me. The breeze is blowing and it is moments like these that I swear we'll never leave Tennessee. Especially after being in that sweltering Arkansas weather last week. I read a lot of blogs who are from Texas and I just don't think I could do it either. I really did think it was hot here until I went back home. Boy was I wrong!!!

Matt and I are going on a date tonight (that makes the 2nd one this month.. I like this!). We are going to grab a pizza from Pizza Hut, because that is what I wanted, and going to see The Help! I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I so hope I don't have too high of expectations.. we'll see! Hope y'all have a great Friday night!

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