Monday, August 15, 2011

Fair 2011

As you probably gathered from my post Saturday morning, my dad was here for the weekend! This is the 2nd year in a row that he has just happened to visit on the opening weekend of the fair, so we headed that way again Saturday night. Can't break tradition!

I love our fair. It is clean and the food is great. I will say that I really don't look forward to the day Connor can and will want to ride all the rides. One, they are expensive! Two, they just don't seem that safe to me. I can't believe my parents let me ride those things! I have no desire to do it now, but will when Connor has the desire to do so.

Last year when we went Connor was only 5 months old, so he didn't have much interest in anything. He loved all the people and that is about it. In fact, he even fell asleep at one point.

This year was completely different. He definitely DIDN'T fall asleep. He had too much to look at! I loved watching his sweet face taking everything in!

I was most excited to take him to the animals. I thought he would like them and I definitely wasn't wrong!

While we were in line to pet the pigs, he wanted to drive a tractor real quick.

Trying to pet the chickens that kept pecking at the wire.

He was a little hesitant about touching the pigs at first, but finally he did with the very tip of his fingers! I don't blame him. They looked pretty gross!Everytime we got to a different animal, I would squat down so that I could talk to him about it. He eventually started squating too, which cracked me up! Monkey see, monkey do!

We saw the carousel when we came in and Dad wanted to take him on it. He had been on one at the zoo, so I knew he would like it. I do think this one was much longer and quite a bit faster. In fact, Dad said he was glad when it finally stopped because he was getting dizzy!

I loved that Connor had his arm wrapped around Dad :)

After the carousel, we ran into the Summars and Claire made sure Connor was taken care of by feeding him his snacks and offering him a drink. HA! Such a good little momma! Grant joined in at one point and I told Chesley that they should come over sometime. I wouldn't have to do anything! ;)

While talking to Chesley she told me about a petting zoo they had, so we headed over there next. Connor wasn't so sure about those rambunctious goats at first.

You can't really blame him, though. Look at how far they come through the fence!

But, we finally got him to let them lick his hand and he just died laughing! It was so cute!

After that he would stick his hand out there, but jerk it in real quick before they could do anything.

We had a great time! Matt was very disappointed that they didn't have fried butter this year. I'm thinking because he was the only one that enjoyed it last year! I had fried oreos, but this time I am going to get a slice of pumpkin roll cheesecake! Pinterest has started my need want for pumpkin a little early, so I am excited to get something in pumpkin form!

Do y'all have a fair in your hometown? If so, do y'all eat anything crazy there like fried butter? Please share!

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the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW - all of the pics are SO sweet!!! Looks like you guys had a blast:) We don't really have anything like that around here but I can't wait to take Addie to the zoo!!!


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