Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have been a busy bee! Between fulfilling a new order for a birthday banner (see my etsy store on the right???), tagging the huge piles of clothes for the consignment sale, working at said consignement sale and redecorating Connor's room, the only time I have even had time to think about blogging has been late at night and for some reason I could never bring myself to do it. I know from experience to not even try when I feel like that. It will take twice as long and I'll just hit "publish" to say that I did. So, I have a ton to catch up on! That is one of the reasons I love participating with Jamie because I can talk about many things at once without it seem like I am rambling :). So, without further ado, -I am loving Pinterest . I have been loving this one for about 3 weeks now. At first I didn't really get what the big deal was. Now? Oh.MY.Word. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! You know how you are just browsing around the internet and come across something you wish you could save, but you don't? And then a couple of months down the line you spend an hour trying to find it again? (No, just me? Well, then just imagine that for a second ;) ) Well now all I have to do is hit a button that says "pin it" when I am on a website I like. A page will pop up with every picture on that page. I "pin" the one I like and it virtually pins it to a board I have on pinterest. For example. Say I see a picture of a kitchen that I love. I will hit my "pin it" button (that I have downloaded from Pinterest's and "pin" the picture to my board labeled For The Home. It's basically like having a virtual cork board and pinning pictures to it. The great thing is that the picture that I "pinned" has a link with it so I can always go back to the source! That is perfect for any kind of tutorial or something I would like to buy. I would say the only bad thing is that is probably the main reason I haven't felt like blogging at night. It is so hard for me to pick my favorite "pins" so far, but here are my top 3, in no particular order:

This is a part of Laura Story's song, Blessings. If you haven't heard it before, I urge you to listen to it. I honestly think it has changed my outlook on life. It is beautifully written!

via my pinterest via 517 creations

Matt and I are getting some pictures made in October, and while I don't ever like the way I look in the top pose, I ADORE the bottom one :) I can't WAIT to see what Chesley has up her sleeve. She told me to tell Matt that she really wants him to relax, so that makes me that much more excited!

via my pinterest via Green Wedding Shoes

I'm thinking this is a must for some football decor. I guess I would do one for the Vols too. Even though their fight song doesn't even touch ours in coolness ;)

-I am loving that we got to Skype with Uncle Lance last week. Connor had a great time and for at least a week afterwards would run to the computer when I would open it and say "Ance???" He sure does love his Uncle Lance! A few days prior to that we skyped my dad, but he couldn't get the picture to work. I was shocked when Connor still knew who it was. I couldn't believe he could recognize his voice. The cutest thing was at the end of both calls I would tell Connor to come give them a bye bye kiss. He would walk directly to the camera and give it a kiss! I don't know how he knew to do that!

-I am loving that when Connor carries his lunchbox around he holds his arm up like this. Cracks me up everytime!

-I am loving his new thing of carrying all his toys to another place in the house. This particular day it was our clothes hamper. I had it out doing laundry and Connor thought it was the perfect place for them. One by one he filled it up:

Does anyone spy something in there that ISN'T one of his toys? Yeah, we looked for that remote forever!

So I'm thinking one of the long rectangle baskets like this should be his new toy basket. Maybe then he would like to clean up instead of just singing the song with me! ha

-I'm loving what I've done to his room so far. Libby has helped me a TON and I can't thank her enough! In fact, she pretty much came up with the idea of the whale above his crib (oh heck. Who am I kidding? She pretty much came up with the majority of the ideas!). I had her draw it because I knew she would do a much better job than me!

After she drew it and did the first coat, I painted the rest. We blocked off the kitchen while I did, which made this little boy really sad. His little face poking around the corner at me was just pitiful!

The finished product. I know my photography leaves a lot to be desired, but I did the best I could! I love it and Connor does too. He says "ish" every single time he wakes up!

I can't wait to show y'all the rest of the room. Libby really got my painting/distressing obsession going and I think Matt is starting to worry that I am going to paint everything in the house! ha

-I am loving my sweet little family and feel so blessed to call them mine!!!


Katie said...

LOVING that adorable whale! It looks so cute:) Have a happy Wednesday!

Amy Rene said...

I love that second picture of you guys too! so cute :)

hope you have a great week!

{I'm hosting a giveaway & I'd love to see you there!}

the workaholic momma said...

I LOVE the cupcake banner - SO adorable!!! And the whale painting is pretty awesome too...wish I had 1/2 of your craftiness!! Connor is too precious with his lunch bag holding and toys...and look at him skyping (sp?) advanced:) Hope you're having a wonderful week!!

Sarah said...

Pinterest is kind of the coolest thing in the entire universe! So happy that you're as obsessed as I :) And, your son = most adorable baby in the world. You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

Simmons Family said...

LOVE the whale painting you did-baby #2's room is a whale theme also so I can't wait to see more pictures of what you have done!!

Lana Summitt said...

GRRRRREAT job on the painting! You are so amazingly crafty!

Ashley said...

You are so talented! I love looking at all of your stuff and girl. Chandler's birthday stuff is AMAZING! It makes me want to go have a baby.


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