Friday, July 22, 2011

A House Divided

During September through January, that is.

I wear the beautiful red. Wave my arms in the air and scream woo pig sooie. Wear a pig snout on my nose . Go into every year thinking that this year is going to be the best year yet. Love to sing Hit that line, Hit that line, Keep on going at the top of my lungs.

Matt, on the other hand, wears that hideous bright orange. He claps along to others singing Rocky Top, because if you know Matt at all you know he DOES NOT sing (although I am sure he has let a few notes slip during a few games!) He tends to be a bit on the pessimistic side of thinking when it comes to his team. I joke with him that Tennessee fans are the most fair weather fans there are. I think it just because Arkansas fans think we are the best team in the nation every year and that is all I'm used to!

BUT...... there are times when I pull for that hideous bright orange and times that Matt has been known to say woo pig sooie. Granted, it might be in his head, but we are close like that. I know what he is thinking ;).

Yesterday was one of those days that I supported the orange. It was the annual Vol picnic (not sure of the technical term for the event. Basically they charge $12 to get a plate of barbeque and listen to the coaches talk) and a group of our friends went and sat together. The first year we went, Connor was just a wee little bean in my belly that no one knew about. Last year, he was only 4 months old, so we didn't go. This year, we were ready. We got him a hat, an embroidered "T" to put on his polo and a football for Coach Dooley to sign. Matt was so excited about it, which made me really excited. They waited in line to get him to sign it and I waited anxiously to capture the perfect picture. And wouldn't you know my little boy acted all shy? Couldn't even get his face in the picture! If you look closely , you can see he is tucking his head against Matt's shoulder.

I think he was wanting to know why in the world he was having to hand his football over to some man to write on it! haha

Connor was great during the speaking. Clapped when everyone else clapped and for the most part was pretty quiet. We did go outside and walk/run around for a little bit. He was just too excited for football season to sit still the whole time :)

Aren't my two men so cute matching? Their hats are the exact same. I love it!

I enjoyed being there and supporting Matt. He told me it wasn't my best effort to wear orange, but I told him it was better than nothing :) I think it's probably because my friend Rachael, who is also an Arkansas fan, wore a Tennessee shirt. She definitely had me beat in the supporting wife category! ha

All in all, I love my man and he loves Tennessee. So it doesn't bother me to be there and throw a little support his way. Plus, I laid in bed with Connor this morning watching the Arkansas spring game throwing out some serious Woo Pig Sooie's, so I feel much better!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Ashley E. said...

Your a better woman than me! I'm not sure I could support another team besides the Hogs! Haha, the things you do for love!

lyla said...

cute post. we are a house divided too, but the "right" way ;-) roll tide vs the ugly orange vols. football season wouldn't be any fun any other way :)

Lana Summitt said...

Precious! I love that they matched exactly!


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